Top 10 Animal with the Longest Pregnancy in the World

The average pregnancy was about 9 months. It is conceivable in that period, a woman must undergo many changes and adaptation process that is not simple. They have to restrain themselves with the condition of the growing body, often nausea, dizziness, emotion burst, as well as feeling overwhelming because they want to welcome his own baby.

For that, it is fitting that we respect and love a mother and woman in general. Included also in the female animal , which is no less dramatic when fighting for the blood of his flesh. Some of them even have to bear the burden of pregnancy with a long period of time.

Top 10 Animal with the Longest Pregnancy in the World

What are the animals and how long is the pregnancy ?

1. Manatee

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We can guess the pregnant manatee from its very large body beyond its general size. But we may be mistaken, if manatee was pregnant for 13 months. That means they have to bear a heavy burden for over a year. No doubt if they are often seen sitting relaxing in the water area. Thus, the extra burden on his body can be slightly reduced.

2. Camel

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Animals with a characteristic punuknya is known to have a fairly hard personality. But we should praise his patience when it must contain for 13 to 14 months, or about 410 duration. Similar animals, such as the llama , should also be pregnant for long periods (approximately 330 days).

3. Giraffes

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This tallest land animal gave birth by standing up. For that, the baby it contains must grow high enough and large in order to restrain themselves when falling from a height. Period of pregnancy the mother also reached 400-460 days. In addition, the threat of predators are also scattered everywhere. Therefore, the baby giraffe must be strong enough when it arrives in his hard world.

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4. Velvet worm (Velvet Worm)

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The velvet or velvet name seems to be inspired from the sensory feathers that cover the entire body. These worm classmates should be pregnant for 15 months. It turns out that animals with the longest pregnancy is not solely borne by large mammals.

5. Rhino

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Perhaps one of the difficulties to keep the rhino population is also associated with their long pregnancy period, which reached 450 days. No doubt if the five species have been labeled as endangered animals. Three of them are also in critical condition and are vulnerable to extinction.

6. Walrus

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Of all the groups of pinnipeds , or groups of mammals, including lions and seals, walruses become an animal that has the longest gestation period. They must be willing to bear the burden for 15 to 16 months. In addition to the old, their reproduction rate was considered to be very low.

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7. Cetacea

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This unique animal is already known to have high intelligence, quiet personality, as well as complex sociality. Not surprisingly, they receive preferential treatment and care since young. They do have different gestation period, but Orcas contains over 17 monthly. Some whales head box or Sperm Whale also must contain up to 19 months.

8. Elephants

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Among other mammals, elephant holding a record breaker which must contain for a long time. Before you meet with their child, they should be conceived for 2 years. Long pregnancy could not be separated from the fact that elephants into one of the intelligent animals. Certainly many of the developments in her baby when it was still comfortable in the womb of the mother.

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9. Alpine Salamander Black

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This one is an amphibian that lives in central and eastern regions of the Alps. Although small, but long enough duration of her pregnancy, which is between 2 to 3 years. Usually they contain two offspring at a time. For its own survival, Salamander predicted to have hope for 10 to 20 years old.

10. Tapir

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Seeing these animals, we remembered going collaboration between the pangolin and a pig. Though they are more pertinent to rhinos and horses. Pregnancy is not far from the animals. Tapir females can release their children after the age of containing up to 13 months. Baby tapir usually had a striped pattern of brown and beige , which serves as camouflage weapon of the enemy. But after a few months old, his motifs on it slowly faded and the tapirs have started to move freely.

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