10 Interesting Facts about Bats you probably did not know

Bats (Chiroptera in Latin) is for rodents is the second most diverse group of mammals on Earth, with more than 1000 species, all of which can fly. Their escape is reminiscent of the birds, but the evolutionary point of view developed convergent, therefore, entirely on its own. The species listed in the order range in size from those with a length of only about three centimeters and a weight of 2-3 grams for those with a wingspan of nearly 1.5 meters and a weight of 1.5 kg. Common to all the species, the wings, which consists of abdominal skin between the body sides and the arm extended fingers, except the thumb, which in most species is free and provided with a claw.

10 Interesting Facts about Bats you probably did not know

That said, here are ten facts you should know about the flying animal that inspired Batman!

hey are found almost everywhere on earth …

Bats are both in tropical, subtropical and temperate parts of the world, but species diversity is at its greatest in warm regions, and decreases further north . On some islands in the Pacific (eg in New Zealand) and the Indian Ocean were bats the only mammals over man. Bats are missing only in Polar Regions and on some remote islands in the South Pacific. In other words, you can barely hide from them – wherever you are!

Some bats eat fruit – others are insect eaters…

Bat divided into     two subset; Megachiroptera and Microchiroptera. Megachiroptera contains only air the dogs in the family Pteropodidae. They are characterized by their lack of echo location (excluding the genus Rousettus) mainly eat fruit  and is significantly larger than the other bats. Apart from the wings resembling bats pretty strong order primates, and was therefore adopted earlier by some zoologists to be “flying monkeys ” instead of bats. After the recent molecular genetic studies rejected the theory.

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The order Chiroptera, according to these studies, a monophyletic group. Microchiroptera includes all other bat families. These usually have echolocation and are mainly small insectivores.

The oldest fossil of a bat was found to be over 52 million years old …

It is believed that the bat originated from the Cretaceous period  (for 100 to 65.5 million years ago) in North America . The oldest fossils that can be safely attributed to the group of animals was Onychonycteris , found in the Rocky Mountains , which according to the dating is over 52 million years old. Unequivocal bat fossils from the Eocene have also been found in the  Messel Pit , Germany.


Flocks can be gigantic …

Most bat species are active at night. They form large groups when they sleep, and in some species, the number of individuals in the herd to 20 million. Yes, you read that right. It had probably been a dream of being chased out of twenty million bats?

Thanks to the touch receptors avoid collisions with one another …

Bat also use touch to navigate through the air. The wings are special sensory receptors and the small hairs that grow therefrom records the air resistance and other information and transmits it to the brain. The bat then corrects course and avoid collisions. This spectacular discovery was made by Professor of Neuroscience John Cook at Ohio University in the United States.

In Sweden, the bat protected …

Many species of bats are endangered or rare, often mainly because of habitat loss and human deforestation. Sweden has found 19 different species of bats, all of which belong to the family bats. All species of bats are since 1986 protected in Sweden, and now also under the Species Protection Ordinance. All bats in Europe protected by the Convention “EUROBATS ” – agreement for the protection of European bat populations . The agreement protects the bats, their habitats, wintering areas and their main hunting areas.

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There are also nesting boxes for bats …

For bats help can be in suitable habitat set up special bat boxes. These differ from regular bird feeders by the entrance instead of holkens bottom. Bats territory is very large, in many cases several kilometers. Conservation areas where you would like to help bats must therefore be sufficiently large, or at least offer protected channels between some smaller areas.


200 tons of insects – in a single night…! 

The place where the biggest flock of bats have ever been documented, see “The Bracken Bat Cave “, located in Texas, USA. No one has been able to count the exact number yet, but over 20 million bats found in the colossal sized bat flock – that is, more bats than the lives of people in Mumbai, India. When they go out in search of food from the cave, it looks like a big storm on the radar and just a single night, they eat a total of 200 tons of insects.

Some of them are eerily fast …

a certain kind of tailless bat  (see picture below) from the Mexican regions can fly up to the full 402 kilometers in just a single night. And not only that; they also fly over 3000 meters above the ground and reaches a top speed of almost 100 km / h .


An appetite out of the ordinary …

On average, a single bat eat over 600 insects in just the space of one hour . In the human world, this would correspond to us, we pressed in around twenty pizzas for just one night. So yes, the appetites they have in any case!

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