10 Facts you Probably did not know about Dolphins

About Dolphins: Dolphins (Delphinidae) are a family in the order of whales, which covers nearly 40 species divided into 17 genera, with streamlined aquatic mammals. They occur in all oceans, mostly in shallow marine parts at continental shelves. Dolphins live on animal food, preferably fish and octopuses. They are social animals with relatively high intelligence and communicate including through echolocation. But here are ten facts you may not know about the cute little sea creature engines!

 10 Facts you Probably did not know about Dolphins

01) In 2005 trained the US Army up 36 dolphins, which would be equipped with various weapons to access the terrorists. Unfortunately, escaped all the dolphins and since then they have never been found. Disconcerted.

02) Like most mammals including dolphins are born with hair . At least when they are born and live in his young life. Then drop the his hair.

03) Scientists have demonstrated that dolphins give each other names – using different ekolokaliseringsljud .

04) Dolphin  Maui ( Cephalorhynchus hectori maui ) is the world’s smallest delfinart. It is part of the genus Cephalorhynchus and occurs at the western side of the North Island of New Zealand . Today there are only about 55 dolphins left of species which do not get longer than about 170 centimeters .

05) In Laguna , Brazil, dolphins have helped local fiskmän to catch fish in their nets since at least 1847 .

did not know about Dolphins

06) Some researchers have advocated for dolphins should get similar rights as humans precisely because of their brain structure , which is very similar to our own. Likewise, the similarity when it comes to the social . These researchers call the dolphins for “ non-human persons “.

07) In 2008 helped a dolphin two  sperm whales to show the way through a narrow channel where they had swum lost and not found again.

did not know about Dolphins

08) The US is not the only country that has used dolphins in their military . Even the then Soviet Union trained the dolphins to attach mines on enemy submarines. Sometimes the dolphins were also released from the aircraft to reach its point faster.

did not know about Dolphins

09) Dolphins do not breathe automatically as humans do, but only half of their brain sleep at a time.

10) The dolphin who played Flipper in the popular classic of the same name committed suicide by stopping breathing . As mentioned earlier, do not breathe dolphins automatically as humans do.

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