10 Facts you probably did not know about Butterflies

Know today about 24 000 different butterflies, and 140 000 different types of moths. Butterflies belong to the order of the insects. Almost all species also have sucking mouth parts, often in the form of a coiled proboscis. Some primitive butterflies have jaws. Apart from them with wings are also some species, wherein at least the female lacks wings. You’ve probably caught a glimpse of a large number of butterflies now during the summer, but how much do you know about the flying small insects? Here are ten facts you should at least know to impress your friends!

10 Facts you probably did not know about Butterflies

01)  A butterfly can only see the colors red , green and yellow . Luckily flowers tend to be colorful. However containing their eyes about 6000 lenses , and unlike us, they can see ultraviolet light.

02)  On average, a butterfly flying in around 20 km / h , but some species can fly as fast as 40 km / h .


03)  A butterfly can not fly if their body temperature is colder than 30 degrees Celsius.

04)  Antarctica is the only continent on the globe where you never found alive or traces of butterflies – ever.

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05) Lemon Butterfly (Gonepterix rhamni) is the species we know who live furthest . They can be between 9-10 months old.


 06)  Some species eat nothing during their adult lives, but have to live on the food they got in during the larval stage . The reason is that your mouth never developed. In other words, you have to be pretty quick to mate in terms of propagation .

07)  Many species have also developed taste buds in the feet , just to be able to feel whether the leaf they have landed on is a great place to lay eggs on or not.


08)  The species vary enormously in size. The largest butterfly is about 30 cm high, while the smallest is only about one centimeter .

09)  On several occasions, butterflies seen drinking blood from open wounds from other animals. Why, no one knows.

10)  It was thought initially that the butterflies were deaf and had no ears . This up to the year 1912 , when the researchers first found the ears sat on the small animals.

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