10 Facts you probably did not know about Camels

Camel (Camelus bactrianus in Latin), is a species in the family camelids, which together with the dromedary camels constitute the genus. The camel has two humps on its back fat producing. Most of the population are domesticated and used in much of Asia for carrying goods. The wild population is however extremely threatened, and some zoologists categorizes it as separate species (Camelus ferus).

You may have ridden camels young at some point in the circus? Or in some exotic country? Here are all the same ten facts you should know about our tvåpucklade friends!

 10 Facts you probably did not know about Camels

01As many believe is the camels’ humps and not to store the water , even if they come from warm climates. Humps store namely mostly of fat and helps to cool the body from the sun’s heat. If necessary, however, the fat in the humps to be transformed into food or water .


Camels must be hydrated in the desert, so it’s no surprise that camels can drink as much as 150 liters of water at one time. And be mindful that water does not collect in the humps. Talk about big bodies!

03During World War II drove the Germans over piles of camel poop with their tanks in Africa. The reason behind it is said about it would bring luck . The Allies were, however, aware of the whole thing and planted thus mines in camel poop piles. Then the Germans drove just over piles that were already run over (shame on giving themselves!).

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04In the Arab part of our world have camels just a punch (the Asian camels have two). Right in the Arab culture camels are so iconic that there are over 160 word meaning camel.

05There are a total of 14 million camels on earth. Most live in the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

06The majority of mammals, including humans, need only lose about 15% of our body water volume, before we become dehydrated. A camel can, however, lose the full 25% of his total body water volume before they become dehydrated, which also means they can walk very far – even in hot climates – before they need to fill up with water again.


Camels are very social by itself, although they may seem very withdrawn and slow. In the wild, they travel in the company of about 30 second camels when looking around for food.

08Camels have made themselves known to spit . And yes, it can do is honorable hurt to get hit out of one of their spit. However, this is nothing they do for fun’s sake , but for the most part if they feel threatened . When the spit as a defense mechanism . In other words, be nice to the camels if you plan to integrate with them!


Prophet Muhammad ‘s grandfather was close to sacrifice his son to an Arab god named Hubal. Fortunately, God was content with 100 camels instead. Said and done.

010In 1855 it approved the US Congress , the armed forces had to buy camels to a budget of 30,000 dollars (which was extremely much money at the time). The camels were used in the military for years, but finally got tired soldiers on their bad temper and bad odor .

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