10 Real Facts you probably did not know about Cats

Cats are one of man’s most popular pet, no matter what culture or part of the world you were born in. And because they are so popular, there are also a whole bunch of stories that you can tell when it comes to just cats! Here we offer part three of amazing stories and facts about the cat!

10 Real Facts you probably did not know about Cats 

01Almost all cats had short-haired coat to about 100 years ago. For about 100 years back had they become a fashion and extremely popular to own a cat, which also resulted in human experimentation started in the breeding of different breeds.


Have you always wondered why cats can not chew too large pieces of food? It is simply due to the simple reason that the cat’s jaws can not move sideways , unlike us humans!

03One of the reasons that kittens sleep very much more than adult cats is due to a hormone that causes them to grow only unleashed during sleep . Namely; no sleep, no growing.

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04A cat has the whole 32 muscles controlling their ears , compared with humans who have only six pieces . This also means that a cat can rotate its ear in 180 degrees !

05The first cat demonstration ever took place in London in the year 1871 . Since then occurs cat shows around the world and people are constantly competing with their purebred cats!

06A memory tower named “Towser” built in Scotland to celebrate a certain cat when it had passed away. The reason? The cat had during his lifetime captured a total of 30,000 mice ! Because the village had had problems with musinvasioner was seen as something very glorious!


Nearly one -third of their waking time spent cats to lick clean itself clean . What if we humans would lie in the bath one-third of our waking hours?

08On the Dutch Embassy in Moscow, Russia, the staff noticed that the two siameskatterna constantly kept on meowing and scratching on the walls around the building. Their owners finally investigated the problem, but thought it just ran mice in the walls. Instead, they discovered hidden microphones deployed by Russian spies. The cats heard the microphones every time they fought on .


The cat who could redeem kittens at the highest age was ever Kitty , who at age 30 was delivered two healthy babies. In Kitty lifetime she gave birth to a total of 218 kittens ! Talk about productivity!

010In the space of just seven years , a couple of cats and their offspring can produce until the entire 420 000 kittens together! But perhaps it is enough with the amount of cats we already have?

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