10 Interesting Facts you probably did not know about Cows

Cows are domesticated ungulates of the family animals, that is, ordinary cows, bulls, heifers and calves. These domestic animals are mostly used for milk and meat production, and in some cases even as draft animals. I do not know if I’m the only one who has a father who stops the car as fast as a herd of cows is in passing – just to stop and talk to the cows. Hence, I also got to stay with him and stare at the grass-eating kreaturer. But after reading a bit about just cows is the least interesting, so here are ten facts you may not know about something, you can always catch a glimpse when you are outside the big city!

 10 Interesting Facts you probably did not know about Cows

01) Cows are social animals, and they will naturally form large flocks . Like people, they will gain  friends and special links to some pack members, while they gladly avoid others.

02) Cows are color blind and can not see red and green. In a bullfight is wave-making with the red tablecloth is not just the color that is interesting, but precisely the wave-making in itself.

04)  When you go past a cow pasture with your car you’ll most likely cows chewing grass , and yes, they often chew grass. They can chew throughout the 50 chews per minute , approximately. On average, a cow over 40,000 chewing movements per day !


05)  Just because their eyes placement, they can see almost 360 degrees . What if we humans had the same vision!

06)  A cow can produce over 50 kilograms of saliva – per day. No wonder they drool!

07)  You can get a cow to go up a flight of stairs – but not down! This is thanks to their knees is not designed to go down, then they can not perform the movements required.


08)  Just as the horses can not cows spew .

09)  A cow drink all 110-190 liters of water – per day! Yep, fill up the tub!

10)  A cow has a smell like a dog! They can smell the scent of something on almost a mile away!


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