10 Facts about Labradors you probably did not know

Labrador Retriever is a breed from Britain. It is named after the Labrador Peninsula in Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada. Like the other five retrievrarna is a retrieving gundog, whose traditional use is to retrieve contributed game, mainly for hunting ranging ducks and the witch hunts on pheasant and other small game. You may own one of the world’s most popular dog breeds? Here, then, is ten facts you should know!

10 Facts about Labradors you probably did not know

01)  One can easily believe that the Golden Retriever is the most popular breed, but on the other hand, they are quite similar Labradors too. Throughout the 24 years the series has Labradors been the most popular breed worldwide.

02)  At first the breed was bred to fish – precisely, fishing. Thanks to their fur, they are more or less isolated in the cold of the water, even in winter, and beyond that, they are absolutely excellent swimmer in the water. But just making the fish itself was perhaps not the best in the past, but most fishermen used the race to pull network crisscrossing streams.


03)  Thanks to a combination of new taxes on dogs and quarantine rules in the English imported dogs made interest on that Labradors fell drastically. But thanks to kennels in all Scotland lived breed on.

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04)  The race is the least known for their speed – in just three seconds , they can smoothly accelerate to 20 km / h .

05)  Whether the parents’ colors, you can get at least a Labrador in three colors – black, yellow or chocolate colored. Since there are only two genes that play the role of a puppy’s color is just as likely as a human hair.


06)  A labrador has actually been sentenced to prison terms . A Labrador who killed a cat belonging to the Pennsylvania Governor Gifford Pinchots wife, was sentenced to imprisonment without parole. 1924 accepted the judgment and the dog lived for about 10 years in prison before he passed away. The owner claimed that the dog was sent to prison for being the mascot, which jail itself blånekade to.

07)  From prison to the mayor – a Labrador has also been the mayor of a city. In 1981 was the Labrador Bosco elected mayor in the town of  Sunol , United States (yes, only in the US). May have been seen as a joke to many, but the dog in question was mayor of his death , 1994 .

08)  One would think that Golden Retrievers are the most used breed when it comes to service dogs , but no – it’s actually Labradors that tops the list. A full 70% of the race stands for guide dog-made, while only 15% consists of Golden Retrievers .


09)  They are not only good at pulling fishing nets – they can also tell if you have cancer . Thanks to their amazing nose many of them have also been trained to sniff to determine that you are suffering from an early stage of cancer or not. The dogs will smell on both your breath and your blood , and even today there is no technology that can meet with Labradors.

10)  breed in question is extremely social , but what you might not know is that it totally unhappy of being yourself. Do not leave your labrados himself for long periods!

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