Top 10 Interesting Facts you probably did not know about Pigs

“You eat like a pig!” “Damned swine!”, Well, we all have probably at some time been called the pig or pigs in any form, but in fact is not true jeers at all correspond to reality. Pigs considered a subspecies of the wild boar. They are also one of the oldest domestic animals man has had and is known from about the year 9000 before Christ. Here are all the same ten facts you should know about the crazy bunch!

Top 10 Interesting Facts you probably did not know about Pigs

02) ” You’re dirty as a pig “, you’ve probably been told many times, but in fact pigs a very cleanly animal by itself, and just as humans would they like to keep their toilet far away from where they eat . Even newborn  piglets leave the nest to go to the “toilet” just  hours after birth.

03)  Pigs are very peaceful animals of himself, and demonstrates basically never aggression . The only time they really show aggression when they need to defend her piglets or feel their piglets are under threat . But on the other hand, who would not defend this cutie in the picture below?

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04)  Pigs very reminiscent of dogs, they also have a huge sense of smell . The large round nose cartilage is connected to the muscles , which gives the added flexibility and strength to be able to rummage around easier in the ground.


05) Pigs crawling happily close to each other and prefer to sleep nose to nose. The dream , just as we humans do. In their natural environment they spend  hours on playing, sunbathing and exploring. People who run pig farms for meat production often report that pigs, like us, love to listen to music , playing with footballs and love to get massages.

06) Pigs communicate constantly with one another; more than 20 vocalizations have been identified that they use out in different situations. Inter alia, they identified a sound that should correspond to “I’m hungry!”.

07) ” You eat like a pig ,” you’ve probably also heard sometime earlier. In fact, eating pigs fine , preferably slowly .


08)  pigs may grunt in the entire 115 dB , thus corresponding to the entire three times higher than the aircraft Supersonic .

09) Professor Stanley Curtis of Penn State University in the US have discovered that pigs can play joystick-controlled video game and is “capable of abstract representation”. Dr. Curtis believes that ” there is much more going on in their brains than we have ever been able to imagine .”

10) Newborn piglets learn almost immediately run towards their mothers’ voices and to recognize their own names . When the sow is breastfeeding, she is a cry from him, like she is singing for them.

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