10 Facts you Probably did not know about Sheep

Sheep (Ovis in Latin) is a genus of ruminants and occurs with several wild species. FÃ¥rhonan called to thank, male ram, ram or ram – a castrated ram called Hammel – and the kids called lamb. So much knew everyone, but here are ten facts you may not know about just getting!

10 Facts you Probably did not know about Sheep

01. The sheep has a quite extraordinarily memory when it comes to the recognition of both the other sheep and humans. The late forget a face and remember it in years, regardless of whether they have concluded individual in years.

02. It is estimated that there are about a billion sheep in the world. China is the country with the highest proportion of sheep, and possesses the full 18% of the population.

03. Wool which comes directly from the sheep called “raw wool.” Raw wool goes through about 70 processes and steps to ensure that it is of the highest quality.

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04. Total worldwide there are about 900 different breeds of sheep.


05. There is evidence that humans learned to spin wool already 3500 years f.Kr.

06. What New Zealand, Mongolia and Australia have in common is that each country has about three times more sheep than what they have inhabitants.

07. During a single night in 1918 killed the whole 504 gets a lightning strike  in the Wasatch National Park in Utah, USA.

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08. Milk from may have higher levels of fat, protein, riboflavin, calcium, zinc, niacin, thiamin and other than milk from goats and cows .


09. The lambs are born healthy can stand up within just a few minutes after birth and are able to move with the herd almost immediately.

10. When the sheep get a haircut is called to declare. The wool is cut washed to get dirt and insects that can be stuck on the sheep should be removed. Then dyed wool combed and spun into yarn.

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