10 Interesting Facts about Cats you did not know

The world’s most popular pet, the cat, is not only infinitely sweet, but also intelligent and a great hunter. In principle, all the earth’s people have at some point in their lifetime patted these beautiful hairballs, and therefore we offer here at ten facts that you probably did not know about our four-footed friends.

10 Interesting Facts about Cats you did not know

01) “Osjunkbara Sam”, better known as the “Oscar” was a short, real sjökatt. Oscar came on three warships, a German and two British. Unique to the ships was that all of them fell to the ground in the heat of battle, but Oscar survived all the disasters and holding on to the assorted debris to reach unharmed to country.

10 Interesting Facts about Cats

02) Taurine, an ingredient that can be found in many energy drinks, arevital  for the cat’s behavior and placed in its cat food. Without this substance, cats can lose teeth, hair and eyesight.

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03) Inmates at the Indiana State Prison in the United States may have a kitty aspetsin their cells. The project has demonstrated a significantly greater peace of prisoners, which led to minor brawl. Many thanks also found that a greater hope for the future, studies show.


04) In Japan not hearkattkafés There you can take a cup of coffee while you cuddle with a bunch of cats.

05) Cats have no antibodies in their blood to protect against dog blood. This means that a cat can receive blood from a dog in life threatening situations. However, you can only make one once, the second time they die. Why do not really know.

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06) You probably have many times noticed that your cat “skulls “you. This allows them to show their appreciation, and that they feel safe with you. When a cat and a man’s eyes meet peers / blind eye cat often repeatedly. This is to show that the cat in question only wishes well and do not harbor any grudges. In other words, never a cat staring directly into the eyes, it may experience this as a direct threat.

10 Interesting Facts about Cats

07) In1879did the Belgian Post Office an attempt to deliver mail with cats. Perhaps not surprisingly, was the attempt failed and the ordinary postmen had to be put back into service. He or she who came up with this idea should be awarded for the dumbest idea ever.

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08) The Irish ship “RMS Empress” had daily astowawaynamed Emmy. The cat had never missed a departure, but when Emmy did not show up May 28, 1914 decided the captain that the departure would be at the appointed time anyway. Stupid decision, the boat sank namely then. Scary, huh?

10 Interesting Facts about Cats

09) At night time becomesDisneylandoverpopulated by stray cats. It may seem that there is a problem, but Disney welcomes cats with open arms when they keep the mice away from the theme park.

10) A small village inAlaskahad for 15 years a cat mayor. Talk about people probably had lost confidence in politicians.

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