10 Interesting Facts about Fox You Don’t Know

Foxe called legged members of the family canine (Canidae). Foxes are no systematic group, but include similar species of candies. In Sweden, the red fox and arctic fox. Foxes have fine leather that previously was valuable, and therefore it was fox hunting is very common. Many also started breeding of foxes.

It is also believed that the fox may have been used to feed us Swedes, when they found places in Sweden full of rävben – including the Black Earth in Birka and Gotland. Having said this, we offer here at ten facts that you probably did not know Facts about Fox.

Here, 10 Interesting Facts about Fox You Don’t Know

1. Foxes are part of canine family, which means that they are related to wolves, jackals and dogs. They are medium-sized and weighs between three to seven kilograms, has pointed faces and bushy tails. But unlike their relatives foxes are not pack animals. When they take care of their kids, they live in small families in underground burrows. Otherwise hunt and they sleep alone.


2. Facts about Fox: Fox also has much in common with cats. Just like the cat fox is most active after the sun has gone down. In fact they vertically oriented pupils, making it possible to see in low light. The hunt also in a similar way as a cat doe, through persecution and throws themselves over their prey and it’s really just the beginning of the similarities. Just like the cat fox also sensitive whiskers and a rough tongue. They walk on their toes like many felines and also have retractable claws, which mean they can climb on rooftops or in trees. Some foxes sleep even in trees, like cats do.

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3. Foxes use out of the Earth’s magnetic field. As a guided missile with GPS utilizes fox Earth’s magnetic field to hunt. Other animals, such as birds, sharks and turtles also have this “magnetic sense”, but Fox is the first we have discovered that use it to chase and catch prey.

Facts about Fox You Don’t Know

4. Foxes reproduce once a year. The hills ranging from one to eleven puppies (average is six), which are born blind and do not open their eyes until nine days after birth. During that time they stay with the mother, while the father of them with food. They live with their parents until they are seven months old. The mother protects their puppies with a surprising loyalty. Recently, it was discovered that a rävvalp had been caught in a trap in England and was stuck in two weeks. The puppy survived thanks to its mother gave the puppy food every day.

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5. Facts about Fox – A fox is also extremely playful, and that’s not at all unusual for the fox playing with other animals, such as cats or dogs and just as the dogs love the balls – which have become a major problem on many golf courses, where golf balls are stolen by the playful foxes.

Facts about Fox You Don’t Know

6. Arctic foxes do not begin to freeze until the temperature is down to the entire -70 degrees Celsius. Their white fur camouflages them against predators and additionally makes them excellent hunters. When the weather becomes milder and the season changes do likewise coat it and change color to brown or gray, so that Fox can blend in with the rocks and mountains.

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7. Fladder musörad fox (see photo below) does not use the earth’s magnetic field to hunt, but listen instead for insects and other edible soil. These types of foxes can be seen on the African savannas.

8. An immensely popular song that went viral on the web of the brothers Ylvis three years ago, “ The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) “, Where in a humorous way questioned how a fox actually sounds were almost all to get food for thought; how sound actually a fox? But if truth be told, a fox make up to forty different sounds.

Facts about Fox You Don’t Know

9. Although foxes are quite small, they are some uncontrollably fast runners. A fox can reach over 70 km / h!

10. When the foxes dig and build their nests in the ground. They always more than one output. This will easily be able to escape a predator enters or discover them.

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