10 Interesting Facts about Deer You Don’t Know

Deer (Latin Capreolus capreolus) is a small deer found in Europe and Asia Minor. The designation of an adult male and female are bending and goat or raw, young animals during the first year is called kid or kids, and goats that are not yet born kid called skinny animals. But that raised northerner; you should have full control of this already,

10 Interesting Facts about Deer You Don’t Know

So here are 10 Facts about Deer that you may not know instead!

In historical times there were deer all over Götaland and Svealand. During the late1700s, when the peasant right to hunt was released after having previously been restricted to the nobility, became extinct in the next few deer. Already in the 1780sexterminated the deer in Södermanland and Närke, and 1820s in Östergötland . By the mid1850s there were deer only in Skane , but in the early 1880s , they had again begun to spread to Halland and Kronoberg County.
Facts about Deer

Oscar Dickson sounded in the 1860s implanting deer in theGothenburg area, and they had in the 1870s multiplied to 50-60 animals and begun to spread to surrounding areas. In the 1930s, had the deer had become abundant in Scania and occurred in an isolated pretty far north. During the 1940s began occasional deer that spread to Dalarna and Norrland. In the early 1950s there were solid stocks in Jämtland , Härjedalen and Medelpad.Then the deer population rose sharply. Between 1955 and 2005, the number of Swedish roe deer have increased from 100 000 to the 375 000. Among other things, the decreasing amount of the wolf, lynx and fox have played a role, as well as less loose housing of livestock and some general temperature increase (with milder winters). The peak was reached in the early 1990s, when the number is estimated to have reached one million animals.

The deer is considered a valuable hunting game. The animal hunted both for their meat and the sport’s sake. Only during 1984 handled approximately 1.7 million deer in Europe. In the early 2000s, the figure had risen to about 2.7 million.

10 Facts about Deer

Facts about Deer: Germany has the largest population and firing. Year 2002 is estimated to Germany to have a population of about three million animals and the firing was estimated in 2005 to amount to approximately one million deer. Other countries in Europe that had higher firing figures during the 2000s (over 100 000) France (461 689 2002), Austria (258,264 in 2006), Poland (147 000 in 2005), Sweden (129 700 2005) Czech Republic (120 995 2004), the UK (103,025 in 2003) and Denmark (101 000 in 2005). The reported firing from European Russia 2 500 animals in 2006 is an uncertain figure and may be significantly less than the actual firing.

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In Sweden hunting for deer on essentially three different ways: with driving or flushing dog, like stalking or stalking / pyrschjakt. Roe deer are hunted with both riflesand shotguns. Permissible for rifle calibers is class 2 and caliber shotgun 12, 16 and 20.

Facts about Deer

Facts about Deer: In the eastern part of Sweden, it is permitted to hunt horned deer 1 May to the 15 June. This is due to the nuclear accident in Chernobyl, which meant that the cesium content is high in deer. The cesium content increases during the summer months when the animals graze in the ground, such as grass, mushrooms and so on, and are highest during autumn and early winter. The cesium content falls then when animals graze from trees and shrubs. Cesium levels are lowest during the early spring months. This is because the levels are low in the spring to hunt for horned animals accepted this time.

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Facts about Deer: Deer also have an extraordinary sense of smell. They can smell food from enormous distances. The deer also use this capability by communicating with each other, and also to detect the position of other deer groups.

In 1993 handled nearly 400,000 deer in Sweden. The decline in the deer tribe seen clearly in the firing figures, 1997 was shot the 210 000 animals and about 160 000years 2001.

Facts about Deer

During the winter, eating a deer only about one-third compared to what they eat during the summer. This is because the food is considerably more difficult to find during the cold winters. They eat just enough to not freeze in winter and eats up more during the summer.

Facts about Deer: One male defends constantly his family, and they feel threatened by you – or any other animal – are not at all unusual for the male defends the family especially if there are kids in the flock.

The first weapon made of Aland was a deer. It was never used, but was replaced by ared deer.

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