10 Interesting Facts about Lizards you probably did not know

Lizards (Lacertilia in Latin) is a subordination of the class reptiles. They are the most diverse group of reptiles and is present in many different habitats around the world, except in Antarctica. The variation in appearance and way of life is great, the Komodo dragon which can be more than three meters long to the smallest geckoödlorna that only gets a few centimeters long. At all times lizards also been a popular pet in our home, and you just might own one? Or looking to acquire a lizard of some sort? If so, you should read these ten little less well-known facts about the lizard!

10 Interesting Facts about Lizards you probably did not know 

01Over 6000 species of lizards …
There are 6263 known species of lizards in the world. Of the 6263 species are only two species of poisonous. Their venom is not so strong that they can kill a man, but it causes an acute and excruciating pain.

02They thrive everywhere – except in Antarctica …
Lizard is a least a widespread species and are found throughout the world except for the continent of Antarctica . Some ödlearter can weigh up to 165 kg and can be up 30 years old.


03Lizards are often taken to be snakes …
There are a few species of lizard that resembles snakes , because their bones are so small they are not visible, or in some cases have no legs at all. It is not unusual that people will miss out on the lizard as a snake instead. To distinguish a lizard from a snake depends on whether the animal has eyelids and external ear , and if the case is so, it is thus a lizard – not a snake.


The world’s largest lizard can grow to three meters long …
Komodo dragon  (see photo below) is the largest lizard of them all. It has only been seen at  Komodo Islands in Indonesia. They are generally over three meters long including the tail, and is so powerful that even bigger animals than their own size become victims of an aggressive encounter. On a few occasions they have even managed to kill people .


05Lizards smell using his tongue …
You often see lizards stretch out his tongue back and forth. They do this to smell . Yes, they smell by tasting the air around them. They can taste the air because they have something known as the  vomeronasal organ.

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06No risk of bad teeth …!
Did you know that lizards teeth are replaced each time the previous sets of teeth fall out ? However, not all ödlearter who have the good fortune to get their teeth replaced again and again.



A lizard does not need to drink water as often …
When there is a shortage of water in the body, saving the water and secretes only salt . You can actually see a white residue in their bodies at times, which are remnants of the former salt is excreted.

08Only a lizard race has vocal cords …
There is only a single lizard race born with vocal cords ; gecko . The remaining 6262 species are born without vocal cords and can not make any sounds emit at all. They communicate only using body language .



Chameleons do not change at all the color of their environment …
The Chameleons (see picture below) changes color because of their environment is not true at all. They change rather color depending on their mood, temperature, health, communication and lighting. It is a visual signal of aggression or mating behavior and more.

010Some ödlearter can distinguish between colors …
Some lizards have a unique  vision and they also have a color vision that can distinguish between different shades of color , which is quite rare in reptiles. This does not apply to all ödlearter, but only a few.

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