10 Interesting Facts about Rat you probably did not know

Rats (Rattus in Latin) are a genus in the subfamily mice (murinae) with about 70 species that have their original living area of ​​Southeast Asia and the Australian region. Some species colonized with human help other parts of the earth, and now has an almost world-width spread. Rats vary greatly in size and weight from the small populations of the Polynesian rat that weighs just 40 grams of brown rat which sometimes reaches 30 centimeters body length (head and trunk) and 500 grams weight. Species are omnivorous and they rest in natural cavities or building more or less complex nests.

10 Interesting Facts about Rat you probably did not know

In Sweden there is only one råttart; brown rat (Rattus norvegicus). Brown Rat occurs unlike the black rat (Rattus rattus), also in a domesticated variant, fancy rat, which is a popular sällskapsdjur.Med that said, here are ten facts that you previously probably did not know about just rats!

Alberta, Canada, keep the rats away …

Alberta, Canada, is the world’s most “rat-free region “. On average, succeed only twelve rats in society inside boundary of the year, but is quickly killed by monitoring people before they have time to multiply. So are you afraid of mice  and rats Alberta is a good living option!

Hawaii doubled their problems instead of eliminating them …

In a desperate attempt to get rid of their rat problem took the state of Hawaii in mongooses (see picture below) that would eliminate the rat problem. The problem with the whole thing was just to mongooses are dagdjur , while rats are nocturnal animals . Today, Hawaii is suffering instead of both rat and mangusterproblem. Baffled!

They have been trained to the very …

Rats are not stupid. In one experiment, learned rats to press a lever-like thing to get food when they stopped pressing the lever, they noticed that another rat received a small electric shock. According to reports, the rats were perceived what preceded and consequences of pressing and not pressing the lever.

Immune to cancer and feels no pain. Superhero…? 

KalrÃ¥ttan (see picture below), also known as the Naked Rat (Heterocephalus glaber) is a rodent of the family blesmol and the only species in its genus. It lives in large underground walking system in Eastern Africa’s semi-deserts, mainly in southern Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. The species has some peculiar characteristics that distinguish it from all other mammals.

The most striking feature that scientists have demonstrated that the rat can not feel pain, and is also resistant to cancer. Researchers have kalråttor dosed with carcinogens and radiation, but they have never been seen developing cancer. They can withstand acid, live  six times longer than other rodents, they age and they barely survive long periods of oxygen deprivation and can live in contaminated areas with  heavy metal without problems.

Together cleared the rats were removed 14,000 mines …

Rats have also been used in the military. This? When they smelled totally out of 14,000 landmines and other explosives that had not detonated. The rats have got nine months of training and do not weigh enough to trigger the explosions. If they get paid ? Obviously, it gets everyone in the army, and the rats are probably just as excited for their peanuts as everyone else for their money!

Clap never a rat from New York …


The rats in New York , USA, carries many diseases . In a test result of 133 rats , scientists discovered throughout 18 different viruses that have previously been known to infect humans. In fact, scientists discovered even some virus that was previously unknown to even have existed.

Cats rescued the man from being eaten … 

Alexander Selkirk , a Scottish sailor, was left stranded on a deserted island, but survived for more than four years, including using feral cats to protect themselves from the ravenous rats attacked during the night time.

Blue M & M + rat = minor spinal injuries …

It has always been experimented much with mice and rats, and there is no exception when it comes to candy directly. The blue dye in M & M candies have been found to reduce spinal cord injury in rats. But there is a small side effect ; rats are occasionally a little bluish of the substance.


They have become highly experimented when it comes to drugs …

A  Canadian experiment conducted in the 1970s did the drug freely available for both cage and colony rats. The rats in cages quickly developed drug habits , but the rats in the normal “society” refused to make use out of drugs. The result puzzled researchers.

Never mind the tax, pay the rats instead! …


In 1945 , the city Mumbai, India, such massive problems with rats, they began to accept lower tax liabilities in exchange for dead rats from the population. The decision led to a mass killing of rats to the residents wanted to get their tax liabilities reduced and paid off.

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