10 Interesting Facts about squirrels you did not know

Ekorrfamiljen (Sciuridae in Latin), is a great family among the rodents. It is represented on all continents except Australia, New Guinea, Madagascar and Antarctica Also missing in some deserts. According to “Mammal Species of the World listed” 51 genera together with 270-280 species of the family but the scheme is partially obscured. Seeing a squirrel here in Sweden is certainly not unusual for, so why come here are ten facts you should know about those cute little rodents!

10 Interesting Facts about squirrels you did not know

01)  The most iconic and well-known behavior of squirrels is that they store nuts and acorns for the winter. This is necessary for the species as they do not go to sleep / hibernation during the winter period as so many other species does.

02)  The hind legs of squirrels are double jointed, which gives them the opportunity to climb up and down the trees very quickly.

Facts about squirrels

03) Mating season for squirrels from February to May, with a 44-day gestation. Overall born two to four cubs per litter. A squirrel of the male sex can smell a female squirrel on the 1.5 kilometer distance.

04)  Squirrels have four toes on their front paws, which are very sharp and are used to grip the bark when they climb in the trees. However, they have five toes on their hind feet.

Facts about squirrels

05)  They are some real gluttons, to say the least! In just one week’s time, they can eat their entire body weight in food, which is about 700 grams.

06)  Just like cats have a tendency to cope with very high case. A squirrel can easily cope with a fall of over 30 meters in height. In case they also use their tail for balance and as a form of parachute. Parachute feature in the tail is used as well as they jump between trees.

Facts about squirrels

07)  Their eyes are located in the side of their heads, so they can without difficulty also see behind themselves. The term “pair of eyes” suddenly took a new shape!

08)  Ever since 2009 have DJs and radio host on Dutch radio stations celebrated the first Friday of each July as “ Comic Sans Day ” and encouraged all listeners to send all mail, print all the reports and all the self-adhesive address labels in this particular typeface.

Facts about squirrels

09)  In 2007 accused Iran fourteen squirrels who kept to the border that they were actually spies, equipped with spy equipment.

10)  It has been proven that squirrels can run over 30 km / h . However, they tend to average just run the half that speed, about 15 km / h .

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