10 List of Birds That Mimic the Sound of Human Beings

Birds speak into a very amazing and adorable phenomenon. Tiny, soft, and colorful, he can imitate our voices as well. Some even like being able to chatter and sing.

10 List of Birds That Mimic the Sound of Human Beings

Discussing a talking bird, we must immediately remember the parrot. There are a variety of parrots that seem to be able to understand human language very well. Well here’s the top 10 birds talk very clever.

African Gray Parrot ( African Gray Parrot )

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This typical ash bird is touted as the most intelligent parrot in the world. As the name implies, they can only be found in endemic forests in Central and West Africa. In addition to being able to imitate human speech, they are also known for their extraordinary understanding.

But this bird only has more attachment with one person only. The relationship is also very influential on the smooth talk. His ability was not only used for entertainment, but also to cheat or deceive the predators.

Blue-Fronted Amazon

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His name is taken from the blue color on the front of his head. This bird is very popular as a pet. In order to continue to honed his speech skills, maintainers must take advantage of a more intense quality time .

If trained well, they can talk for hours. But this bird usually has chemistry with one human being alone. They also just do sound mimic with a figure that is close.

Shark ( Budgerigar )

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In 1995, budgerigar held the World Guinness Record for developing 1728 vocabularies. But not all species can reach the number of words. On average they can learn about 300-500 words and sentences. To see this genius bird , we can visit his home country in Australia.

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They listen to whatever words or words the owner says while alone. If you’ve been chattering with fellow budgerigar, they will not hear voices around, including the person who took care of him. They will focus on enjoying quality time with other birds.

Actually birds are often nicknamed parakeets by the Indonesian people, either male or female can imitate human speech. But when compared, the males seem to have better competence. The tone or tone they use is more fitting.

Parrot Necklace ( Eclectus Parrot )

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This beo is native to the Island of New Guinea. They are famous because they can speak or pronounce vocabulary clearly and qualified. They absorb and follow whatever the skeitarers say, or other sounds that are considered interesting. In fact, the owners themselves are often deceived.

Some of them can even make us wonder. The reason, they are potentially able to learn and sing a song as a whole. Neither the females nor the males, both of them blessed with a sweet and charming voice.

BEO ( Hill Myna )

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In Southeast Asia, these talking birds become one of the best species. Imagine, hill myna can imitate sounds with almost identical tones and qualities.

In addition, this bird can also be shrill, shrill, like wailing, or just whistling. Two of these bird species, known for being able to speak clearly from other birds, The Great Indian Hill and Common Hill Myna.

Red-striped parakeet ( Rose-ringed parakeet )

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This one parrot species is special. His ability to mimic human voices is judged to be slightly different than that of other parrots. Especially if often invited to chat.

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They can also learn and collect about 200-250 vocabularies. Words are captured not only when talking, but when listening to music as well.


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This bird is known for its versatility when socializing, talking, and mimicking various sounds. Moreover, the type of rose-breasted , yellow-crested , and long-billed cockatoo .

But again, their skills are highly dependent on the quality of their training. To be more fluent in talking, they also need special care. What people often say will often they imitate eloquently.

Parakeet Monk (Monk Parakeet)

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The next birds usually live in the neighborhood of Europe, North America, and South America. In order to be good at imitating sounds, they need good care and training.

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This social bird will continue to learn to imitate the words spoken by the trainer. But not close the possibility they will also do a voice expression on whatever is heard around him.

Yellow-crowned Amazon

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This excellent speaker is often found in the forests of North and South America. They have a loving and cheerful nature. Some of these parrots sound loud and articulate or imitate sounds, others never say at all.

But their speaking skills depend on many things. For example the environment in which they live, as well as the frequency of their interactions with the surrounding humans. Another advantage is their long life expectancy, which reaches 60 years.

Yellow-naped Amazon

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Another Amazonian Amazon parrot family of yellow-naped birds . They are able to contextualize human speech. Not only the origin of imitating, but copying words with cool quality. Moreover they have been chattering since the young age.

The majority of his words are taken from the owner himself. His vocabulary also depends on who is always with him. Like the Blue-Fronted Amazon, they also tend to build bonding or strong bonds with a human being alone. The better the interaction, the more cool it is also the skill.

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