10 Strangest Ways Mating Of The World Animal

Discussing the animal world it seems never-ending. Each time, there must be a strangeness that they do. One of them is when they wanted to marry. Every living thing, it is a natural thing if you want to continue descent is by mating. Hewanpun also, they need to find a partner in order to multiply. Previously, they had to do a number of ways or ritual to attract the opposite sex. Ways in which these can be fairly weird. Like what way mating performed by the animals? Here’s the explanation.

10 Strangest Ways Mating Of The World Animal

10. Red-Capped Manakin

Red Capped Manakin is the name of the bird species in the family Pipridae. These beautiful birds are found in the territory of Belize, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, and Panama. Their natural habitat in areas with tropical climates. When it wants to find a partner, Red Capped Manakin will perform bizarre mating ritual.

You remember the king of pop, Michael Jackson? One very famous dance is the dance by walking backward called moon walk. Red Capped Manakin could mimic the movement more quickly. In addition to the moon walk, Red Capped Manakin must issue a high voice to be able to attract a mate.

9. Red Velvet Mite

Red Velvet reminds us with the name of the food yes. In the animal world there are also tables of animals that have the same name as the food. The animal in question is a kind tungai named Red Velvet Mite. This little animal has its own uniqueness when they wanted to find a partner.

When getting married, Red Velvet Mite will discharge his sperm in a collection of twigs which he made to resemble a garden of love. When finished removing the sperm, Red Velvet Mite will leave a trail of silk thread. The trail was created with the aim to lure females to come to the garden of love makes. If the female is interested, then the female will sit on top of the male sperm.

8. Panda

If an animal is not interested in sex, the animal is a panda. Who does not know a cute animal that has become a symbol of China’s land. Panda is known as one of the animals in the world termalas. Just imagine, conducted panda is eating and sleeping. No other.

Then how to breed pandas? This is a heavy duty of the clerk of animals. To lure panda want to get married, they will be shown in the display of pornographic, yes, absolutely impressions porn. Impressions porn here is special panda porn impressions. So, the players are panda.

7. Hedgehog

Originally you know, porcupines mating males can not be arbitrary. One-one, their genitals will be met with sharp thorns. Dong imagine how hurt? So before mating, the male hedgehog should check properly whether the female is ready to mate. How to? The trick is to perform a special ritual.

When males and females have been met, they would both kiss each other nose. If females still give a good response, then the male porcupine will release her urine into the body of the female. Male urine contains pheromones that will determine whether he deserves it or not mating with females. If the female likes to pheromones, then the male mating hedgehogs.

6. Hippo

There are people who thought that the hippopotamus is a large animal cute. The presumption may be true, but the hippos could also turn out to be very fierce and cruel when disturbed. And hippos fiercely competitive about finding a partner. Mating ritual they do can make anyone become sick.

In the breeding season, hippos will issue kotororannya twirling his tail. This resulted in the waste will spread everywhere. While spreading the scent of feces sekliling, hippos males will await females who are interested in the feces aroma. Females are already interested, then they both would soak together and mating.

5. Duck

Never underestimate a small-bodied animal, this phrase seems appropriate given for Argentine lake duck. His body was small but there is one thing of this small animal that can make people be surprised. Drake, a term for male ducks, has the longest penis of all the bird species in the world. Argentine lake duck size is 17 inches, so all that’s on the duck’s penis.

Not only has the genitals are super long, duck Argentina has a strange way to get a couple. By utilizing a long penis, penis duck Argentina will use it to bind to the female so as not to loose. This long genitals could be an interesting benchmark whether or not the male. Even if the female refuses, at least the male can bind and force her to marry.

4. Honey Bee

We’ve often taken the use of bees for honey, but we do not know how weird the way they breed. Honeybees males only have one mission which mate with the queen bee. The mission is simple but it took a gamble their lives to do so. Why? Because so mating, the male honey bees will soon die.

When the breeding season arrives, the queen will fly out of the nest while waiting drones. Not only one queen bee awaits but hundreds of bees. Hundreds of bees will compete with other drones can mate with the queen. Successful mating with the queen, drones penis will explode and leave it in the body of the queen. This is done to prevent the presence of other drones to impregnate the queen. What did work? The answer is no. Queen bees will continue to fly drones hunt. The next male bees who want to marry the queen must release penis male bees stuck in the body of a queen. And the process will continue until the queen returns to the nest.

3. Giraffes

Equally disgusting with hippos, giraffes have a strange way when the breeding season arrives. Giraffes way in finding the female fitting can make people vomit made. Male giraffe will be looking for females and smell the urine issued. From the urine of male giraffe that could assess whether the female is ready to mate or not.

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If the female was already ready, giraffe male will follow the female wherever he went. Diving follow the female, male giraffe will repel other males who want to approach the female. If there is a male giraffe who dared to approach the female, then the fight will begin. Where the male giraffe will push each other’s neck. Who wins is the one who deserves to get the female.

2. flatworms

Like most invertebrate animals that live in the waters, the majority of them are hermaphrodite or hermaphrodite. So, one animal can have both male and female genitalia. So before they mate, they must first do battle to decide who will be the female.

That’s what happened in the flatworms. Flatworms flatworms will look for another and began to fight the so-called battle of the penis. Flatworms will try menusukan their penis into their partner’s body and fertilize it. Who is punctured by a penis, then he will be female.

1. Banana Slugs

Banana slugs gets its name because its shape is similar to a banana. The shape is long and bright yellow. These snails are snails in the world. Not only his huge body, banana slug also has a penis as big as his size.

You need to know that the banana slug is Hermaphroditic. So they have two genitals, male and female. When the breeding season arrives, they will not compete penis melakukang like flatworms, they would likely put their dicks to each partner. It is important for these snails to find a partner which is the size, because if not, the penis will be caught and can not escape. How do I remove it? The trick is to bite off. The researchers believe that biting off his penis was useful to prevent a slug to look for another partner.

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