10 Unique Facts about Ladybugs you probably did not know

Ladybugs (in Latin “Coccinellidae”), a family in the order beetles. Although we in Sweden, for the most part know a few, there are actually more than 4500 species in the world. The different species vary enormously in size, ranging from a millimeter to a full ten millimeters has been viewed. Now that it is summer in Sweden, we can catch a glimpse of them as they fly around a bit here and there in our green countryside. However, here are ten facts that you most likely did not know about right ladybugs!

 10 Unique Facts about Ladybugs you probably did not know 

01Ladybug is related to Firefly …
A sign of summer is usually when you start to see ladybugs flying around out there in the countryside or around the flowering plants, but did you know that these little blighters are very closely related with the right fireflies ?

02Ladybugs are more dangerous than all the zombies of The Walking Dead ..!
A cute little ladybug can quickly turn into a real cannibal ! If there is a shortage of food, the older and slower Ladybugs become food for the rather younger and healthier Ladybugs. However, they prefer aphids , and cannibalism is generally only a last resort.

03The spots have nothing to do with age …
You’ve probably ever heard that you can see a ladybird age with the help of counting their black dotted on the shell. Unfortunately, this is just an old legend . Each ladybug is unique and its size and pattern of the spots will be completely different than the others.



Even the Ladybugs need winter rest …
Just like bears and many other animals can also ladybugs in hibernation during the winter. Normally the ladybug stick for himself, but for the winter, then their body will switch to sleep mode , they keep happy together. Previously, it has been found over a million gathered ladybugs in the group rests up during the winter.

05Welcome Ladybug when you have problems with aphids …
If you have problems with  aphids eat up all the green in your garden, you should welcome the Ladybugs with open arms. The love namely aphids! During his lifetime, a single ladybug eating over 5000 aphids !


06Not very persistent …
The average live a ladybug between three to nine months , depending on the environment and the consumption of food is.

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The frog is their greatest enemy …
Ladybugs do not have so many enemies ; their stains and paints tend to scare away most other little bugs and animals of the larger kind. Moreover, when they are attacked Ladybug secrete a sticky yellow substance from their bones that both taste and smell disgusting ! Their biggest threat, however, frogs , dragonflies , spiders and other large insects .


08Not the fastest aviator …
They are not fast flier directly. The average flying an adult ladybug in around 25 km / h . This compares with a dragonfly which instead can fly nearly up to 100 km / h .


All the eggs are not fertilized …
During his lifetime , a ladybug lay over 1000 eggs ! However, not all the eggs fertilized , but instead become food for all larvae.


010They develop at least relatively quickly …
They undergo four stages before they are full grown ladybug. They start their journey as an egg , then they become a caterpillar , then a chrysalis  and then it is counted as an adult. The whole process takes about four to five weeks before they become an adult ladybug from the egg stage.

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