10 facts you probably did not know about crabs

Facts about Crabs: Crabs (Brachyura in Latin) is a delordning of aquatic crustaceans. Some species fished for food, often regarded as delicacies. The crabs have ten legs of which the first pair carries claws. When I was younger, I remember that my friend and I were out fishing crabs with his family. I remember not really so much more than I thought it was fascinating that they went sideways than straight ahead. This probably already knows most, but here are ten facts you may not know about the crabs!

You probably did not know Facts about Crabs

01) The crab are also known as “sea spider “, when – like the spider – also has feet that can bend at the joints in a similar way. The only thing that distinguishes them is that all the crabs have two claws on the front legs. And like flies constituted the eyes of hundreds of lenses.

Facts about Crabs

02) Grapsus grapsus (see picture below) is the world’s most colorful crab, and was named by Carl Linnaeus in 1758, when he was the first to describe the crab unique colors. It is red, orange, yellow and white.

03) There are two types of crabs. First it is the real crabs (that Brachyura) having a very short abdomen and uses four pairs of long leg to walk. The real crabs include blue crabs, spider crabs and ghost crabs. Others are “false” crabs (anomurans in Latin), which has a longer abdomen and lower legs to walk with. The so-called false crabs include hermit crabs, king crabs and hairy pink squat lobsters. There are about 5000 kinds of crabs, but only about 4500 of these “real” crabs.

04) Facts about Crabs: The world’s largest crab in the world is the giant Japanese spider crab (see picture below). The crab can be almost four meters long, measured from klospets to klospets when the legs are stretched. A normal weight at the Japanese spider crabs tends to be around 20 kg. These crabs have almost only been observed in the Pacific Ocean around Japan.

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05) One of the biggest reasons that the crabs usually tend to be plate-shaped, because they will easily be able to squeeze into narrow crevices .

Facts about Crabs

06) Crabs live in more different places than any other marine animals. They are almost everywhere in the sea, even under the ice in Antarctica and inside underwater volcanoes One type of crab living also on land and climbing trees. Talk about that one would have been surprised if we saw a crab klättrandes in a tree!

07) Facts about Crabs: The word “cancer ” is derived and are related to crabs in Latin. The famous Greek Hippocrates and Galen – with many others – noted the similar swelling as a tumor gave the crabs veins.

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08) A male or female crab can be distinguished by looking at their bellies. In most male crabs is abdominal shape narrow and triangular, while the females have a wider and rounder belly. In addition, the female crabs less chlorine than the male crabs have.

Facts about Crabs

09) Facts about Crabs: While previous research showed that crabs do not feel any  pain , now shows new research that crabs not only suffer pain but they also remember it. Consequently, researchers said that the crustaceans should be treated with the same care as vertebrates.

10) A female crab lay millions of eggs at one time. She wears them in his body until the eggs are ready to hatch.

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