Top 10 Most Endangered Animals in the World

Top 10 Most Endangered Animals in the World

Our world is full of millions of amazing species of living things, especially fauna or animals. Many of them are the inspiration for comics or fairy tales because of their special and imaginative shape. They are an amazing creation of God that is rare or even many do not recognize.

Often humans are amazed by their fantasy animals. Unfortunately, the number of unique and interesting animals is not much more, even very rare because hunted humans. It is our duty to preserve these animals from extinction and here are 10 lists of the most amazing Endangered Animals in the world .

10. Unicorn Porn Horns

Of the dozens of whale types found in the world, there is one very unique whale species named Pope Unicorn. The Unicorn or Narwhal Pope is the original Monodon Monoceros. This rare whale lives in Arctic waters. Narwhal whale type is actually a toothed whale, but it has no teeth in its mouth. By contrast, with strangely this species has a powerful horn that grows in the upper jaw.

The length of the narwhal horn can be up to 1.8 meters. The weight of this fish is about 2,200 -3,500 pounds. Narwhal is more famous for the Unicorn because of its Unicorn-like horns from European fairy tales. Uniquely, only the male whales have these horns. Researchers say these rare animals use horns to measure water salinity and foraging. Many say the Unicorn myth is inspired by this rare animal.

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9. Octopus Coat Beautiful

Octopus Mantel or Violet Blanket Octopus original name Tremoctopus violaceus . Octopus octopus is living in the Mediterranean Sea, North Atlantic and South Atlantic. This rare animal looks very charming while swimming and the shape is in stark contrast with the octopus is usually a lot of legs creepy nan. The color of the membrane or the mantle is purple green.

Endangered Animal in the World

The membranes are present in each of the left and right body parts. The female has a much larger weight than a male. Females can grow up to 2 meters long and the male is only 2.4 cm in size. a wide and beautiful purple membrane or membrane between the sides of the female octopus will be seen if she feels threatened.

8. Addax, The Kijang Horn Screws

Of the many species of deer we know, there is a unique antelope species called Addax. Addax latin name is Addax nasomaculatusor Screw horn Antelope (Kijang Ditanduk Sekrup). The species is very small and can only be found in the Sahara Desert. Addax is one of the rare animals found in 1816. When examined further, this deer has different characteristics than other species of deer.

Endangered Animal in the World

Teeth addax square-shaped like a cow’s tooth and its horns panjans and twisted. Addax female horn length is 55-80cm and long horns between 70-85cm. the color of the addax fur is changing the season. When the winter feathers become brownish and darker, when summer, the fur turns white with pleasure. Addax was officially declared extinct in Algeria, Egypt, Sudan and Libya.

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7. Blobfish, Muram Gourd-Fish

The world of water also has a unique ocean of wealth. Tersebutlah Blobfish fish named original Psychrolutes marcidus. This rare fish became famous because for some reason, his face resembled a human being overwhelmed with grief. Blobfish are found in deep waters around Australia and Tasmania. His life is at a depth between 800 – 9,600 meters below sea level. Because of its access is difficult to reach humans, these fish become rarely exposed.

Endangered Animal in the World

This grim fish is located in waters that are high enough pressure compared to sea level. Therefore, to keep mangapung in waters with minimal oxygen, Blobfish’s body is formed from something similar to gelatin / gelatin. The lighter body density of water makes it able to float on the ocean floor without the need to expend energy. The terrible form of the Blobfish makes people afraid and dislike. Fishermen were hunting so much that the number of species they are not much more.

6. Sharp Sharks The Living Fossils

Frilled Shark / Frilled Shark named Chlamydoselachus anguineus . The shape is strange and horrible, unlike the other shrines. The Frayed Shark is more visible as a giant eel of frightening predator than a shark. The head of this shark is triangular with a long gray body. Tassels / tufted-fringes obtained from six pairs of gills fringed, attached to the right and left side of his head.

Frilled Shark is called a living fossil because it once lived with dinosaurs in prehistoric times. However, its present form is not much different from its shape in the “primitive” era. Sparkled sharks live in deep sea waters so rarely encountered by humans. The living fossil’s body can grow to two meters. However IUCN has listed this shark as endangered.

5. Si Anak Naga Slovenia “OLM”

Ever imagined a fantasy animal in a fairy tale of a European dragon come true? If the answer is yes, you should see Olm. Olm is an amphibian animal named latin Proteus anguinus . Its habitats are in deep dark caves (can live on land and water) in the seas of Europe (Italy and Slovenia) and are shaped like salamanders. Formerly, Olm was known as the “Dragon Child” because of its fairy-tale shape.

Olm is very odd, and even more strangely, the animal is totally blind. Olm’s body is long and has four super small legs. The color is pale white due to lack of body pigmentation. Although blind, Olm can pick up electrical and chemical signals around it. Her sense of smell and hearing was incredible.

4. Leafy Sea Dragon

Ever watched a movie or read a fairy tale about the ancient Dragon God of ancient China? If ever, you can certainly understand why this unique animal is called a leafy sea dragon. Actually, Leafy Seadragon or Glauert’s Seadragon is a kind of fish that still has a family relationship with sea horses. The leafy sea ​​dragon named latin Phycodurus equesthis can survive by masquerading into a floating seaweed to outwit the predator.

Endangered Animals in the World

The “Leafies” swim style is very slow and the gills are not clearly visible. Leafies can be found in coastal waters of South Australia. The most unique of the Leafies is its reproductive system. When it will breed, the female will put the egg into the male body through a long tube. Then the male carries the eggs until they hatch.

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3. Leaf-tailed Leaf Gecko

Gecko Uroplatus phantasmagorias is very unique because it looks more like a dried up drying. Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko was first discovered in 1888 by George Albert Boulenger.

Endangered Animal in the World

Leaf-tailed gecko is only found in Madagascar. Although the appearance of frightening, insectivorous eaters are not harmful to humans. Unfortunately, the existence of this unique Gecko is threatened with extinction due to deforestation.

2. Kepiting “YETI”

The feathered crab named Kiwa hirsuta is more famous as a Yeti crab because of its feathers. Kiwa is taken from the name of the ocean guard in the mythical Maori Tribe and hirsuta means haired in Latin. Actually this feather-like foot cover is a dense setae . Such coverings are also often found in the legs of some shrimp species.

Endangered Animal in the World

Yeti crabs are completely blind and live in the darkness of the sea. Therefore, the presence of feathers becomes important as filters to detect the water in which they live. Hairy crabs live in the South Pacific Sea and are only 15cm long.

1. Lonesome George, Last Species Long-Necked Turtle

If there is the world’s most afflicted animal species, it is Lonesome George. George or Solitario Jorge in Spanish is the last long-necked tortoise of the Pinta Island Tortoise species. This Pinta Island Turtle is only one (1) in the world and will be extinct soon. Label George is the rarest animal in the world.

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Endangered Animals in the World

George is native to the Galapagos Islands and is 100 years old. George has failed to be married to other similar turtle species for various reasons. The government is currently awarding a $ 10,000 contest for anyone who can find a long-necked female turtle to preserve this species of tortoise with George.

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