Top 10 Largest Living Bird’s in the World

How to react if a large-sized bird watching in person? If the distance is near, you would have to preserve it through the pictures or videos. Is not it?

Top 10 Largest Living Bird’s in the World

The birds that are large, there can fly, some are not. But their inability to float does not necessarily remove the existing charm. They are truly amazing.

Now any bird that has a jumbo size and still live in this world? Jom !

Wandering Albatross / Albatros rove

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Travelers Albatros (Diomedea exulans)

This bird looks very big when he was flapping its wings. Wandering Albatross even called the owner of the most wide wings. If it is thought that the bird can be sized from 2.5 – 3.5 m. While weight can reach 12 kg.

Albatross has 24 species in all regions. However Wandering Albatross became the most bongsor among them all. Their favorite food is squid and small fish. To drink alone, they prefer saltwater.

No doubt that they are rarely seen on land. His favorite spot will not be far from the surface of the ocean, where he attained the food and drink.

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Once the breeding season, the birds will fly to colonize remote islands. Results of marriage is only an egg. A few months after the eggs hatch, the albatross has been able to fly independently.

Mute Swan / Geese White

The world's largest birds alive

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This water bird is famous for its unique and attractive neck, which resembles the letter S. Long Neck was not created without reason, but to help the geese to reach food on the water surface.

They used to consume vegetation or aquatic plants, small fish, or insects. In addition, they also have a wingspan of up to 2.4 m wide. While his size can be up to 1.5 m, with a weight range 12-13kg.

Its nature is aggressive, but they are so smart, strong , and dear children. They will not hesitate to attack, especially in times of nesting. Anything that threatened to be hunted for later bitten.

Anyway they will give total protection against nest , eggs, and baby. In addition, the white swan can even remember very well, who already take good care.

Dalmatian Pelican / Undan dalmasia

the largest living bird, the largest extant bird, the largest bird surviving

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If there is a list of the heaviest flying bird in the world, dalmatian pelican would enter. Body weight between 12-14 kg, with a length of about 1.8m.

For flapping its wings can reach 2,7m. While the typical beak average size of 18 inches. They became champions two to contest the longest bird beak Australian Pelican post.

These birds themselves come from South Asia and Europe. The shape is similar to the white pelican, but this pelican jumbo sized. Why not, they could eat fish, catfish or eel up to 2 kg in number.

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Andean Condor / Kondor Andes

the largest bird that can fly, condors, vulture

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This bird became one of the families of consumers carcass. Andean Condor commonly found around the coast of South America and the Andes.

They can grow to a height of 1.2 m. We may get a shock as it weighs up to touch the figure of 15 kg. If it was flapping wings, the size can be up to 3 m. The width of the Andean Condor is very useful if you want to fly float.

His name is also part of the vultures, their main food of course be other animal carcasses. No matter domestic animals or too wild. Sometimes they are also being naughty, such as stealing other birds’ nests for their eggs. Actually, they include birds of longevity, because it can live up to 75 years. But now they’ve endangered status.

Kori Bustard

The flightless birds can weigh up to 20 kg, with a length of 1.2 m and a wingspan reaching 2,7m.

No wonder that kori bustard has been named as the most gigantic flightless birds. Moreover, if the sex male, because size can be twice that of females.

Their favorite foods are insects, snakes, lizards, berries, and seeds. For that, they spend more time on land or land for the sake of his favorite insect hunt.

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