Top 10 Most Beautiful and Smart Animals in the World

Animals are identical with creatures that have no intelligence. Thus, we conclude that animals or animals are all stupid. Nothing smart.

The assumption is actually a deeply rooted misunderstanding. Indeed, they are generally unable to harmonize the computational and meta-cognitive systems that apply to the human brain. But not all of them. There are some animal choices, which apparently can adapt to the brain’s work system.

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Smart Animals in the World

In other words, there are certain animals that have above average ingenuity. Anything? Jom !

1. Chimpanzees

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In terms of its own appearance, these primate animals do have similarities with humans. In addition, they also appeared to have certain advantages that resemble humans. One of them is using the brain or thinking. The intelligence allows chimpanzees to harness around to support their community activities, or to manipulate the environment so that their missions are fulfilled.

2. Bottlenose Dolphin

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Of all the animals, the fact that this dolphin has a very large brain. He also has a slightly different way of thinking and more intelligent. It can be seen from his cool communication skills, and his ability to recognize himself when presented a mirror.

3. Bird Beo

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Talking about parrots, surely we will remember a bird that can speak or imitate certain sounds. That privilege alone makes us wonder. But it turns out they can also do more than that. Beo is known to haveA very good memory, can even solve some problems himself.

4. The Pope

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Not just a big body, intelligence can be tested. Like dolphins, whales also have a system of interaction and communication with each other. They often cast a complex sound, which of course could only be translated by other whales. In addition, the pope is also able to coordinate and streamline his own activities with his community. Often we will also be surprised by the problem solving skills of these marine mammals.

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5. Dog

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There are several factors that make a dog dubbed a human friend . One of these factors can not be separated from the intelligence of this animal. But the level of intelligence is diverse, depending on the puppies themselves. To test it, we can see clearly when the dog is undergoing training . Some respond and master quickly. Call it the breeds of Poodles, Labrador Retrievers, or Border Collies. In fact, they can ngeh a small change though, which is happening in the surrounding environment. And usually, they will be curious and find out about the change.

6. Octopus

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If the animal group is narrowed down into invertebrates, then the octopus becomes the first champion. The famous animal of the eight arms is a reliable hunter, because they also put their skills forward. Not only that, the octopus is also similar to the character of other intelligent animals, ie have the ability to solve problems.

7. Elephant

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In his large body, there is a jumbo-sized brain as well. Indeed, the magnitude of the brain ensures the high intelligence of animals. But this elephant does have its own privileges. They can create and process social activities like humans, such as interacting or even reacting as if feeling empathy.

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8. Squirrels

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In contrast to the big elephant, the squirrel is petite, and the portion of the brain is also definitely small. However, the performance of his brain can not be underestimated. Especially when it’s talk about hunting and food accumulation. They can be so focused and well remembered, where the “treasure” location is stored.

9. Cat

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LaPerm cat

We often see cats as kiyut and adorable animals . But if you look further, we can also see the cool side when hunting. So skillful and skillful. They are also endowed with special sensory and jumping capabilities. Indeed, these cats can not receive maximum training like dogs, but they can adapt to other additional skills .

10. Owls

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Owls are often associated with mystical thingsImage:

The majority of us only see that owls are mysterious, nocturnal , bongsor, and possibly horror animals . But now not a few people who seek and make it as a pet . No, owls are not the smartest birds in the world. Notwithstanding the days of ancient Greece, this bird has been regarded as an intelligent and even wise creature.

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11. Mice

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We can not look trivially at these rodents. Mice are not limited to food thieves, smelly, and sound annoying. They are also animals that have a good memory. Even mice also have advantages when it comes to adapting to environmental changes.

12. Eagle

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A famous bird because it has sharp eyes is an excellent hunter. They (and pigeons) are also often involved in missions. Say it as a messenger, or an agent assigned to stake out the target. They can remember and follow orders properly and correctly. Of course it’s amazing, is not it?

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