Top 10 Facts you Probably did not Know about Motorcycles

There are enthusiasts who can do anything about motorcycles. Brands, models, what year they were produced, how long. There are also those who can screw down a motorcycle into molecules and then re-assemble it.

Top 10 Facts you Probably did not Know about Motorcycles

Then there’s something like me, which hardly looks like a motorcycle and a moped. But here we’ve hugged 10 facts that hopefully the enthusiast did not know! Please enjoy!

01)  The term ‘motorcycle’ can be credited to the British inventor  Edward Butler , who was the first to create a three-wheeled vehicle in 1884 .

02)  The Kawasaki brand isall likely to know, but did you know that the same brand also produces nuclear power plants, ships, industrial equipment and spacecraft ?

03) Sonny Barger , founder of the criminal gang Hell’s Angels , wrote in his autobiography that hepreferred Japanese motorcycles before Harley Davidson .


04) Technically, depending  on the size, about eight motorcycles will fit in a parking lot . Imagine if everyone drove motorbikes to Ullared, so many vehicles could have been tucked into the parking lot!

05)  ‘ Vespa ‘ means ‘wasp’ in Italian ( geting in Swedish).

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06)  The longest backlash of a motorcycle ever performed  Hou Xiaobin in Binzhou City, China. He went on a ride for  150km and the record is still in the Guinness Records Book .

07) The Ducati brand was actually founded for a purpose other than what they are doing today. From the verybeginning, 13 years before World War II, they made radio components .


08)  When you turn heavily, the front wheel 75% of all grips to the asphalt (or gravel).

09)  When we are still in Guinness Records book; The world’s largest human pyramid performedon just motorcycles consisted of 201 men , divided into ten motorcycles. The record was conducted in India .

10)  The world’s longest motorcycle was manufactured in Russia in 2005 and is 945 cm long! Should you take a walk, you will bring another 15  poles, as it accommodates 16 people !

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