10 Interesting Facts about Harley Davidson

It was in 1903 that the brothers Harley and Davidson established in a factory in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Even today stands the factory remains and is the main location of the enterprise. That year produced 50 Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Here are 10 Interesting Facts about Harley Davidson

01) The legendary motorcycle company manufactured initially bikes for a few years after its inception. This was in 1916. Most companies in the motorcycle design, construction or production actually began in the bicycle industry – perhaps not totally unexpected. Harley Davidson bikes were grand and elegant, but they were expensive in an already quite depressed market. The motorcycle proved to be a much better condition for profit, Harley Davidson cycle operations ceased in 1921 and all the power was instead of motorcycles.


02). Thefirst motorcycle that Harley Davidson made actually came from a sketch of a bicycle, designed by William S. Harley. It was initially also thought to be a cycle – but that was not the case.

03) Evel Knievel (see picture below) is one of the most famous long jumpers with Harley Davidson motorcycles, but he holds is actually no longer record for the longest jump. His best jump of his XR-750 was 40.5 meters, when he jumped over 14 pieces Greyhound buses in 1975. But during the 2008 beating Bubba Blackwell Evels record by jumping 47.85 meters on his XR-750 shares.


04) It is not only gold and green forests, however.In 2010 sold the HD 49% fewer motorcycles than they did in the year 2006.

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05) 6%of all manufactured Harley Davidsons have been sold within US borders.

06) Even if Harley Davidson is as American as it gets as the motorcycles also manufactured in Japan. Starting in the early 1930s made Rikuo Internal Combustion Company motorcycle licensed HD makes. The company name was shortened ultimately just “Rikuo” in Japan (meaning “vägkungen” or “continent of the King”). The company built nearly 18,000 motorcycles between 1937 and 1942. During World War II production was to the side, but resumed and continued to the year 1958 before the company was declared bankrupt.

10 Interesting Facts about Harley Davidson

07)  The entire 66% of all Americans who bought a Harley Davidson in the year 2010 lacked a college education.

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08) Did you know that the car brand Porsche and Harley Davidson have cooperated? This was during the mid- 1970s, when the HD launched its slightly more sporty model, “The Nova”. The motorcycle was composed of a liquid-cooled 60-degree V4 engine which has been designed by Porsche. Even though HD had spent almost nine million US dollars on the project was eventually shelved.

10 Interesting Facts about Harley Davidson

09) The first motorcycle produced was actually a tomato jar as carburetors.

10) The founder of “Forbes Magazine”, Malcolm Forbes, did not buy their first HD motorcycle until he had turned 40 years old. He loved them so much that he took the entire 50 pieces of them and eventually started giving them away as gifts. Too bad you were not friends with him!

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