Top 7 Best Cars to Buy With Cheapest Price in the World

Top 7 Best Cars to Buy With Cheapest Price in the World

Best Cars to Buy are ups and downs, this is influenced by the price of cars that continue to rise, in line with the volatility of the rupiah exchange rate. However, car buyers are still very large, and apparently some cheap cars become one of the main target of consumers. Of course automotive consumers will find the best car with the cheapest price to meet the needs of transportation every day.

As a large society of middle-class menegah above, would prefer to use private cars than public transportation. Convenience in transpotation becomes a major factor, why private cars are more desirable. Moreover the price of the car is currently more affordable than a few years earlier, because with a budget under 100 Million Rupiah, we’ve got a car with the best quality powered engines and modern design.

There are many Best Cars to Buy in that offer very cheap selling prices. This can not be separated from the role of the government in supporting the LCGC (Low Cost Green Car) program. Cars that enter the category of LCGC apparently get a subsidy from the government, namely the disappearance of the tax burden, so the selling price can be much cheaper. For now, there are already some LCGC cars to choose from, such as Toyota Agya, Daihatsu Ayla, Datsun Go +, Honda Brio, and Suzuki Karimun Wagon R.

List of Best Cars to Buy With Cheapest Price in the World

Best Car in Indonesia

1. Toyota Avanza

 Type 1.3 EA / T  Rp. 191.800.000,00
 Type 1.3 EM / T  Rp. 180.600.000,00
 Type 1.3 GA / T  Rp. 209.400.000,00
 Type 1.5 GM / T  Rp. 211,000,000.00
 Type 1.3 GM / T  Rp. 198.700.000,00

The term car of a million people is very appropriate we give to the Toyota Avanza is Best Cars to Buy. This car was first introduced in 2003 and directly sold to 100,000 units in the same year. Even to date, Toyota Avanza sales are still very high, and proven to make it the best and best selling car in Indonesia. Well this year, Toyota has been marketing Grand New Avanza as the latest generation Toyota Avanza. This car is offered at the cheapest price of about 191 millions, and marketed with 2 different variants, namely Type E, and Type G, both of which both carry the IL engine, 4 Cylinder 16 Valves DOHC and equipped with Dual VVT-i technology with cylinder capacity of 1,329 cc.

2. Honda Mobilio

Honda Mobilio

Honda Mobilio

Type S M / T Rp. 180.500.000
Type E M / T Rp.201.000.000, –
Type E CVT A / T Rp.212.000.000, –
Type E Prestige A / T Rp.221.500.000, –

Ready to think Honda Mobilio managed to become one of the best and best-selling car in the low class MPV. One of the factors that make it an idol in Indonesia is to have a very spacious cabin space, because it is able to carry 7 passengers. You know, this car uses a Honda Brio-based engine, and began dipasarikan in Indonesia in January 2014. While for the specification,

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Honda equip this car with 1.5L L15Z1 i-VTEC 16 valve engine capable of generating power to reach 118 PS on the engine speed 6,600 rpm, and has a maximum torque of 14.8 Nm at 4,600 rpm. In addition to quite powerful, one of the best cars in Indonesia also has excellent fuel efficiency, thanks to PGM-FI technology.

3. Toyota Agya

Toyota Agya

Toyota Agya

Type EM / T Rp. 112.430.000,00
Type EA / T Rp. 124.160.000,00
Type GM / T Rp. 120.430.000,00
Type TRD SM / T Rp. 124.530.000,00
Type GA / T Rp. 130.460.000,00
Type TRD SA / T Rp. 135.060.000,00

Toyota Agya is Best Cars to Buy, it is actually designed by Daihatsu and produced together in Indonesia as one of the best cars in the city car class. This car successfully passed the test LCGC (Low Cost Green Car), so the selling price becomes very cheap. For now, you can buy one unit of Toyota Agya with the cheapest price around Rp 112 million, and is offered with several choices of types that bring their respective advantages. However, for its engine, all Toyota Agya car types use 1KR 12 engine with 3 parallel cylinders reinforced 12 DOHC valves, and 12 Valves which has a capacity of 998cc cylinder contents. The machine is not too big, but able to remove the maximum power reaches 65.3 PS at 6,000 rpm, and maximum torque reached 88 kgm at 3,600 rpm.

4. Daihatsu Ayla

Daihatsu Ayla

Daihatsu Ayla

Type D M / T Rp. 87.05 million
Type D PLUS M / T Rp. 99.250.000
Type MM / T Rp. 103.550.000
Type MA / T Rp. 112.550.000
Type M SPORTY M / T Rp. 117.450.000
Type M SPORTY A / T Rp. 126,650,000
Type Type XM / T Rp. 110.900.000
Type XA / T Rp. 119.950.000
Type X ELEGANT M / T Rp. 118.250.000
Type X ELEGANT A / T Rp. 127.300.000
Type AIRBAG XM / T Rp. 114.500.000
Type AIRBAG XA / T 123.550.000

Twin brothers from Toyota Agya, namely Daihatsu Ayla also managed to become one of the best selling car with best selling in Indonesia. Because the car is offered at a price below 100 million rupiah, and offers very economical fuel efficiency. For specifications, there is already a D26F 1KR-DE engine with three cylinders with a capacity of 998 cc, or in other words the engine is almost the same as Toyota’s Toyota Agya. The best car with the cheapest price, also offers the Steering Electric Power Steering system, and the manual for the lowest Daihatsu Ayla type. As for the design, this car is designed with a small enough body, but still looks elegant and has a seating capacity of 5 people.

5. Honda HR-V

Honda HR-V

Honda HR-V

Type 1.5LA M / T Rp. 252.500.000, –
Type 1.5L S M / T Rp. 266.500.000, –
Type 1.5L S CVT A / T Rp. 276.500.000, –
Type 1.5LE CVT A / T Rp. 297.500.000, –
Type 1.8L Prestige A / T Rp. 367 million, –
Type 1.8L CVT Special Edition A / T Rp. 352.000.000, –

Honda HR-V is one of the legendary Honda cars that re-activated in 2014 as a mini SUV. This car immediately became one of the best cars in Indonesia, and has been proven to win many awards thanks to the sophistication of existing technologies brought. Looking at the design of this car, it looks very sporty, and not much different from the Honda CR-V is priced at much more expensive.

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Not only that, this best car also has a variety of advanced technology in the intriorya, such as audio streering switch, one push ingnation system, and didung water bag security system. For now, there are 6 types of Honda HR-V that you can buy at the cheapest price of Rp. Millions.

6. Honda Brio

Honda Brio

Honda Brio

Brio Satya A M / T Rp.118.900.000, –
Brio Satya S M / T Rp.123.900.000, –
Brio Satya E M / T Rp.129.900.000, –
Brio SA / T Rp.150.600.000, –
Brio EA / T Rp.158.600.000, –

Best Cars to Buy in Indonesia does not have to be expensive, because there is still a Honda Brio is marketed at the cheapest price of about 118 million for the type of Honda Brio Satya A. Well, this car entered the category as LCGC car, so the government gave a special subsidy for the price of Honda Brio Satya to cheaper. City car car with 5 passengers, offers a minimalist design that looks sporty. As for the heart pacunya using 1.2 L SOHC cylinder engine, 16 valve i-VTEC, and equipped with a capacity of 1198 cc engine and equipped Fuel Injection fuel system that makes it more fuel efficient pemakain. As for the transmission system, the best car in Indonesia has been equipped with 5 speed transmission with matic and manual models.

7. Datsun Go +

Datsun Go +

Datsun Go +

Type D Rp. 94.4 million
Type A Rp. 102.100.000
Type A OPTION Rp. 102.6 million
Type T Rp. 109.650.000
Type T OPTION Rp. 112.650.000
Type T STYLE Rp. 118.250.000

The Best Cars to Buy that you can use for driving with your family is Datsun Go +. This car is specially designed with modern design and has spacious cabin with 3 row seats that feel relieved and very comfortable. Interestingly, the best car in Indonesia has been equipped with a capacity of 1198 cc engine that makes it has a very powerful performance, although the price is very cheap. For its own price, this car is marketed at the cheapest price of about Rp. 94 Millions and the most expensive reached Rp. Millions. Yupz, Datsun Go + is one of the LCGC cars, so the price can be very cheap, but behind the cheapness of Datsun Go + price has been saved the Nissan V platform engine that has been used by Nissan March.

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Best Cars to Buy : In addition to the seventh best and best-selling car we deliver above, of course there are many more best cars made by other manufacturers, such as Kia, Mazda, Suzuki, Mitsubhisi, etc .. But for the automotive buddy who is looking for the best car with the cheapest price, then the seven cars above can be the best alternative. Please choose one of them, and hopefully the information we submit can be a reference for my friend who is confused to find the best car in Indonesia. “Greetings Automotive”.

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