What Are The Changes Of New Toyota Corolla Altis 2017

The Changes Of New Toyota Corolla Altis 2017 Opens in 2017, PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) surprisingly presents a facelift version of their legendary sedan , Corolla. Yes, January 16 yesterday, medium sedan models are changing, which makes it a more premium. Appear more modern and proportionate. “This year we enhance the exterior with a more advanced design. Views are more sophisticated so felt through the use of Bi-Beam Projector lamps and integrated LED headlamp design with increasingly sharp, “said F. Soerjopranoto, Executive General Manager of TAM as it launches its latest generation Corolla 11 at the Grand Ballroom Kempinski.

What Are The Changes Of New Toyota Corolla Altis 2017

According to the tall man, no less, there are 16 changes embedded in Altis. Transformation was, refining the design and the luxury and fun driving the Corolla.

The most important change, of course design, both exterior and interior. On the outside, the easiest way to detect that this Corolla Altis 2017 is to look at his face. The composition of the headlights and grille reorganized and making it more proportionate. Headlamp was designed by Toyota’s global language Keen Look, flattened and sharpened, but aksentuasinya changed.

Toyota Corolla Altis

In the headlights, there is a projector lens with LED lighting source that radiates to near and far (Bi Beam LED). Daytime Running Light (DRL) on any main lights, changing from the previous form of the four points into a line now extends more cool. This new DRL design can be found on the type V.

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Rearrangement grille that is now more in line with the design of the lights is also performed. Silver accents on the lights, made to connect via the grill. Not to mention the front bumper, now decorated with vertical blades are very large. Sporty look. And for us, this actually makes it looks more aggressive.

The stern also dipermak. Although not as significant as in appearance, but the capital of the rearrangement taillights, successfully made its stern detected as 2017. Toyota Corolla Altis Sector legs like wheels are also affected by changes, particularly type V is now using five forked spoke design with two tone accents are very contemporary.

In the cabin, there are many changes that occur in the design. But it turns out though not changing dashboard layout, TAM chosen to use circular AC outlets in the upper left and right. Classic, but a bit contradictory with the feel of luxury and premium are trying to put forward. But Toyota seems intent to apply the model of AC outlet is to show classic flavors on a car that is already a legend more than half a century.

There are several new features that can be found in the cabin. For example, the presence of sports drive mode. Button settings separator fill the middle right at the south side of the gear lever. Making it easily accessible if the driver requires setting different parameters to get a response engine and transmission are more fierce. Unfortunately, no ECO features typical of this powerful mode. Though All New Kijang Innova or Venturer alone already have it.

Toyota Corolla Altis

The new feature also now be enjoyed the most was the Toyota Corolla Altis Cruise Control. Features that can alleviate the right foot to tread gas pedal, can be relied upon if you want to keep the pace car in the deserted streets. Unfortunately, the operation was still using a separate lever on the side of the wheel. This lever is not the most practical device to regulate Cruise Control, because Honda Jazz alone using newfangled control buttons are placed on the front wheel.

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Controls AC regulator also reorganized using an intuitive kind of lever. Thus setting the digital AC can be more easily and to not bother. Oh yes, the steering wheel can also be found MID control buttons that can be used the driver to change the type of information displayed on the new TFT screen on the instrument panel.

One more excellent feature is also present is the Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA). This feature will keep the vehicle from losing control when maneuvering. Their deactivation button also makes potential handlingnya digging performance.

The rear seat is called TAM change, namely the reclining feature to adjust the gradient of the rear passenger seat backrest. Fun indeed because when traveling far away, sitting repositioning will make the body was sore.

As already mentioned, these changes focused on the look and features drive. So the price applied TAM to sell Corolla facelift is relatively simply changed Rp 12 to 13.5 million to USD 456.6 (VA / T) and 422.1 (GM / T). Of course this value very worthed see quite a lot of features that in fact worth successfully paired in this brand-new Corolla.

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