Electric Toy Car is Right for Your Child Gift

Children always imitate adult behavior like envy and want to have the same freedom Moreover, a child who has the same preferences as the parents, especially the preference for the automotive world. Whatever the desired item must be connected to a car or motorcycle. Whether it’s clothes, tv shows up toys. Toy car is certainly littered the house. Starting from the toy car small to large. Increasingly growing up, the desire to drive himself like his father grew older. Quite often the father allows the child to sit on his lap while driving for the sake of pleasing. Although it is dangerous and there have been prohibitions.

Toy car that can be steered into one of the models in their own toys, your child can be freer to explore in his imagination as driving a real car. Conditions such as driving a car can be felt. Starting from sitting behind the wheel, complete with steering wheel, gas pedal, seat belts and even there is also the transmission lever.

The car manufacturers too many have created a toy car in accordance with the original version and under the direct licensing. Such a model Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche to BMW has been circulated widely on the market and readily available.

Power Wheels Ford Mustang

Toy Car is Right for Your Child Gift

Ford Mustang is renowned as a muscle car with a V8 engine rumbled hoarse, changing into an electric car that is not even intended by adults. Yes, Ford is working with Fisher-Price, the American manufacturer of children’s toys, to make duplication toy cars Ford Mustang-shaped children. Through the Power Wheels which is a division of child battery-powered electric cars Fisher-Price, the brand was also work together to create the most advanced cars to meet the holiday season. This model has just been introduced and will go on sale next month. Top 5 Tourist Attractions in India that must be Visit

Labeled name Smart Drive Power Wheels Mustang, these cars have the speed limit is only up to 8km / h, with the accelerator pedal like a real car, and surprisingly enough the traction and stability control systems. Its function was the same as in the original car that will reduce or cut off power when wheel slip can cause the car overturned. Features are fairly important to keep your child’s safety.

In addition there are features that are connected to the input jack for connecting speakers with devices like the iPod music player. However, without the Bluetooth connection if you give your child a set of smartphone, though not considered important by the manufacturer.

Ride On McLaren P1

Toy Car is Right for Your Child Gift mclaren

If you are a maniac McLaren supercar and has as one sweetener in your garage, would not be complete without having a small version of the McLaren P1. Whether it is to be played by your children or just a mere collection, but it became the object shall complement the original P1. But if it is destined for your child, fortunately he got a toy that not all children can have it. The price offered reached the $ 466 is not a cheap toy for the majority of children.

In the development of Ride on McLaren P1, the manufacturer based in Working, England did not rely on cooperation with providers toys. But is included in the business plan, which means McLaren Automotive developed and produced by McLaren. And in other words, this is the only P1 convertible ever, the smallest car ever made by McLaren, full-electric cars McLaren’s first and only McLaren that can be controlled via remote control.  How to Know Someone location via WhatsApp

With the size scale of 1: 3.5, Ride On McLaren P1 is suitable as a Christmas gift your children. By Volcano Yellow striking color, plastic material for the chassis and body make it a light weighted. While the front axle to keep using besin to support the steering precision. Small details did not escape attention, such as opening doors scissor door models, front and rear lights can be lit, and the three-spoke steering wheel. It has three drive gears plus one to back down like an automatic transmission car. Speed is limited only 4.8 km / h, but you can control it via remote control if your child is too young to drive themselves. Because these toys are suitable for children aged three to six years.

Toy Car is Right for Your Child Gift

Radio Flyer Tesla Model S

Tesla took Radio Flyer which is famous toy manufacturer based in Chicago, USA, to make a mini version of the Tesla Model S. The result was really into miniature Model S. For using the electric motor as the driving Model S as the original version. $ 500 price tag is quite expensive for a toy car, certainly not any people who can afford it. Until there who consider as an alternative to less than the Tesla Model S original although occupied only suitable driver weighing up to 37 kg.  Top 10 Most Dangerous Rail Track in the World

Details made Radio Flyer is very charming and resemble the form of the original version Can be seen from the rim models of turbines with thin tires and fitment that looked like a real car. Similarly, lights can be lit, the same colors, the location of the battery charging and even the interior material options. Using lithium ion battery is the first car to apply the model, so it has a longer battery life and power generated is also greater. The speed of the car can be driven up to 9 km / h, but can be set by the parents limit ranging from 5 km / h.

Toy Car is Right for Your Child Gift ford-mustang-power-wheels

There are other options that can be purchased as a battery with more power and more durable. There is also a custom license plate number that makes the driving experience more real, like the Tesla Model S actually. No color choice midnight metallic silver, metallic blue and red deep multi-coast.

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