Ferrari 488 Release for Challenge Race in 2017

One-make series racing-Ferrari Challenge race in 2017, to coincide with the 25-year anniversary special racing Ferrari. The challenge will be more exciting because it will be filled in the new car that replaces the Ferrari 458 Challenge EVO. Yes, the official Ferrari introduced the 488 Challenge in the Ferrari World Finals event in 2016 at Daytona, USA. And this became the first Ferrari Challenge series turbo engine.

Ferrari 488 Release for Challenge Race in 2017

This car is a racing version of the Ferrari 488 GTB that has used the engine with a turbocharger. Source of power comes from a 3.9-liter turbocharged V8 that produces 661 hp and torque output of 760 Nm. The engine itself has been recognized on an international scale with won International Engine of the Year 2016 Special 488 Challenge courses many changes such as engine remapping, the use of parts racing and shorter gear ratio. Shorter ratios make F1 DCT transmission faster to shifting and claimed to be able to touch the redline in fourth gear in just 6 seconds, starting from rest.

Ferrari 488 Release for Challenge Race in 2017

Weight reduction is clearly a top priority. Not only from the engine and transmission Body and use of materials is an important part of weight reduction. Aura is very strong race of “hang” very flat plus extra-large spoiler wing on the back. Regardless of the size of the wing, the profile looks like a Ferrari 488 Challenge 488 GTE who won the WWE to increase by 9 percent aerodynamics.

The part that contributes aerodynamic improvements includes a front bumper and radiator was moved to the rear to reduce air resistance. Position air intake was also deliberately changed to under the rear spoiler. The change was intended to better cooling in the engine and the rear brake.

Ferrari 488 Release for Challenge Race in 2017

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Side Slip Control System as contained in the standard 488 GTB will be retained for the Challenge version. This is very effective to regulate all energy, so it is considered important to use the asphalt circuit. While the E-diff system was recalibrated to racing at the circuit needs.

Manettino buttons retained its role to provide the most appropriate driving character. Not just one, but three manettino. One manettino reserved only for braking. Being the other two operate both sides of the steering wheel, adjust the traction control and electronic differential. Both manettino controls the two phases of the traction control, which means both works independently in determining when and how the activation of the intervention occurred.

Ferrari 488 Release for Challenge Race in 2017

All that is done to adapt to the characteristics of the 488 GTB turbo engine to 488 standard racing versions. The result could be considered very satisfactory. Round the Fiorano circuit, 488 GTB capable of winning the second of its predecessor the 458 Challenge EVO With a time of 1: 15.5 means four seconds faster than the hyper car LA Ferrari and only lost half a second of the Ferrari 599XX Evolution.

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