Ford has Finally Released the detailed of Upcoming Ford GT

After waiting for two years with scattered a lot of speculation, Ford has finally released detailed specifications supercar is being awaited, the latest generation Ford GT. These data include figures of power, peak speeds, up to record laps on the circuit.

Ford has Finally Released the detailed of Upcoming Ford GT

The first time this car hood parted at the Detroit Auto Show in 2015, Ford has said energy will be more than 600 hp. And it turns out that promise fulfilled. Due to the production version of the specification uses engine V6 3.5-liter twin-turbo is capable of producing 647 hp and maximum torque of 746 Nm. Ford also said 90 percent of the torque is already available at 3,500 rpm rotation. Very plentiful and unimaginably savage surge of power and torque at low speed.

The powerful output channeled to the rear wheels through a dual-clutch transmission 7-speed transmission that has a very quick reaction. Claims acceleration 0-100 km / h takes just 3 seconds, while top speed is able to reach 345 km / h.Ford GT

Circuit testing is not performed at the Nurburgring-Nordschleife circuit which is famous as a sports car test arena many manufacturers. Ford GT lead to Calabogie Motorsports Park circuit in Canada to compete with the two competitors, McLaren and Ferrari 458 Speciale 675LT. As a result, GT clocked a lap in 2: 09.8, winning 1.08 seconds quicker than McLaren, and 3.1 seconds from Ferrari.

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And with an empty weight of 1,385 kg, heavier than the GT McLaren 675LT (1,230 kg) and outnumbered force that reaches 666 hp. But the test results say otherwise and proves the power and the weight is not everything.

It was not an independent test conducted by the internal team for Ford. But at least create a benchmark for further testing could be done by a journalist or the owner himself.

“The Blue Oval” highly praised the active suspension components and aerodynamics were very helpful in driving over the circuit. These sophisticated systems specifically designed to optimize downforce, drag coefficient and high balance at any speed. Everything can be adjusted electrically via the drive mode selector options include Track mode.

Ford GT

If you activate the Track mode, fuel supply getting heavier, more rigid and the suspension will be down by 50 mm. Active aerodynamics system will close the bar at the water dam, to regulate the flow of air from the front to create downforce big squeeze the whole body on the asphalt. Rear wing downforce participated actively support and help braking by braking the water method.

The process of production of the Ford GT will be done by Multimatic located in Markham, Ontario, Canada. Average production per year only 250 units and are now beginning the process of delivery to purchaser .

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