Ford Mustang V8 Facelift Launch with 10-Speed Gearbox

Ford Mustang : Because of the prominence declined due to the application V6 engine, Ford has finally released the Mustang GT facelift. They went back to planting 5.0 liter V8 engine, the magnetic suspension and 10-speed automatic gearbox matched to the body which experienced a slight improvement.

Ford Mustang V8 Facelift Launch with 10-Speed ​​Gearbox

“The latest Mustang is the best work we’ve ever made based on the experience of more than 50 years as a sports car in America and the World,” said Joe Hinrichs, president of The Americas, Ford Motor Company as released Newspress USA, yesterday 17/7.

Efficient engine, the 2.3-liter 4-cylinder EcoBoost retained as a model that provides a sporty look in the composition of efficient performance. But as the core DNA of the performance of Mustang, driving more aggressive flavor was trying to present them through a legendary machine that has been re-formulated.

5.0 liter V8 unit replaces the V6 configuration used in the previous generation. This engine is more powerful and capable of providing a higher round than the previous Mustang GT. Dear literacy regarding energy, is still not released.

Ford Mustang

Not only the engine, but the manual transmission was reproducible. Utilizing dual clutch and flywheel with multiple weights make the machine is able to reach the best torque and power drain with alacrity.

The latest is app 10-speed automatic transmission for both engines. This is a sophisticated gearbox Mustang ever offered. With a very wide ratio, making the exploration process performance at various levels of speed can be performed. This certainly improves the responsiveness of the vehicle under a variety of conditions.

Even compared to a 6-speed gearbox used previously, the process of moving antargigi the new transmission is faster.

Thereby reducing the impact of excessive energy loss due to friction. This transmission is guided new electronic control system, which is able to adapt to various conditions so that the movement can still be done optimally at all times.

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Sector control, also thanks to the increasingly sophisticated Magnetic Ride suspension. The advanced system called Magne Ride, a suspension that can provide a significant variety of settings on the legs of the car. This damping technology is sold as an optional in Mustang Performance Package to optimize the ride and control in a variety of conditions.

Not only powerful and fishing adrenaline when driving, Ford Mustang refer to this model as the most advanced they have ever racik. Some of the new technologies used by this new Mustang is a 12-inch LCD screen as the instrument panel. The digital display can be personalized in three separate columns that will present different views in each mode of driving: normal, sport and track modes.

Ford Mustang

Many things can be personalized from the famous car with this galloping horse logo. For example engine noise and exhaust tone. Active Exhaust System, which comes as an optional feature, can provide various types of noise. In fact, noise, adjust the vehicle acceleration.

For the first time also, the technology guides a typical drive Ford Mustang pinned on. Like the Pre-Collision Assist, Distance Alert, Lane-Departure Warning, Lane-Keeping Assist and Driver Alert System.

No prices were released since the launch of this car yesterday. But the American public is mentioned receiving unit in autumn fall in September 2017.

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