Here’s figure Future Race Car Powered Electricity

Here’s figure Future Race Car Powered Electricity

Trends in vehicle electrical occurs not only on passenger cars. Therefore, automotive companies from the United States, Tesla, also estimates that in future the electric car figures can happen in racing cars.

It also makes the car look of an image of the car manufacturer Tesla, featuring Tesla T1 Concept. The car is designed with a designer, Omar Alfarra Zendah, as well as four IED Barcelona student called prospective electric race cars in the future.

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Tesla predicts that by 2030, Tesla could have won the race 24 Hours of Le Mans. Thus was launched Motor1, Friday (04/14/2017).

The concept car Tesla T1 is very different from other race cars, even electric powered racing car developed several manufacturers.

T1 Display concept is quite unique. Because, every corner of the vehicle comes with two tires both front and rear.

This car has presented the airfoil which is located in between the wheels. Airfoil can produce air that moves on the tires then generate electric power.

Airfoil which is located at the rear of the driver is also able to generate more power. While the design of this car is also called minimal noise and vibration.

If properly made for racing cars, Tesla T1 touted to use with battery powered electric motor capable of generating 70 kilowatts of power 335 horsepower (Tk) and torque of 2400 Nm.

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