Kia Motors Releases Sketch of New Generation Picanto

Kia Motors has just released the first images of third generation Picanto is still a sketch. Having just launched the latest generation Rio , the presence of All-New Generation Picanto does not seem to be waiting even longer. Along with the press release from Kia Motors, Kia’s best-selling small hatchback debut is planned to take place early next year. It is probable that the Geneva Motor Show 2017 which takes place next March will be a witness to view the latest Picanto.

Kia Motors Releases Sketch of New Generation Picanto

The second generation Picanto is still marketed in the country known for its sporty appearance and aggressive, especially when compared to the first generation Picanto. However, from the teaser that was released could terpediksi that Kia wants to hit the A-segment city car segment via exterior appearance more attractive and dynamic. Although still in the stage of the sketch, but it can be clearly defined shape of the production version later, and changed even though there are some remnants Picanto predecessor.

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Line straight body side is easily recognizable because it has similarities with his brother Rio . Keep it simple and tend to be plain, which only played one pull of a line sweeps up to the rear. Enough to give a strong design characteristics in the latest Kia models. Selebih pull another line forming dynamism that flows from the front fender to the rear, which was closed by the stern type with Picanto now, especially on the signature rearlamp similar.

The front face is looking more aggressive. Gril ‘tiger nose’ by Peter Schreyer is getting stronger and made wider to blend with the head lamp is again similar to the All-New Rio. Front bumper design that looks sporty, like a rear bumper with diffuse and exhaust vent, can be expected to variant GT Line which will be the flagship New Generation Picanto latest generation later.

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Kia Motors is also displaying a form of interior Picanto which also has looked ripe to describe their production version. Clearly displayed tablet-style infotainment monitor that is large enough row of buttons along its sides. The portions were also the same as Rio in 2017, as well as the circumference of the wheel. As is common in the general regeneration models, body size will increase. If so, will be more roomy cabin with extra legroom and headroom are more comfortable as the current model.

Certainly there has been no further details about the kitchen runway to be used. Like the 3-cylinder engine-powered 1.0-liter turbocharged 100 and 120 hp is likely to be the most appropriate option in addition to the old engine a 1.2-liter naturally aspirated. It is interesting to wait for the original figure All-New Generation Picanto. Given this model is also quite popular in the country , worth the wait anyway even though its presence is still quite long.

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