Lamborghini Able to Sell 3,475 Huracan Cars in 2016

Lamborghini reported the results of its Huracan sales in 2016. In total, the sports car brand based in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, is able to sell up to 3,475 units. The number in the past year increased by 7 percent compared to 2015, which reached 3,245. Although relatively small, but when examined with the official Lamborghini, total sales is a big number. Even Lamborghini, said total sales in 2016, a record in the six years of the best and Lamborghini finally able to sell more than 3,400 units.

Lamborghini Able to Sell 3,475 Huracan Cars in 2016

Reporting from Carcoops, achieved positive sales Lamborghini, thanks to the expansion of sales networks they do. In addition, the latest model range helped increase sales of automobile brand with the bull logo.

For information, the current network Lamborgini has 135 dealers in more than 50 countries worldwide. While their biggest market, namely the United States, with total sales reaching 1,041 units in 2016. In addition, countries in Asia such as Japan, China and the Middle East also helped boost sales of Lamborghini.


European countries like Germany and his native Italy, also helped boost sales. When examined, is the best-selling model in Lamborghini Huracan in 2016 with total sales reaching 2,353 units. The presence coupe and spyder considered to be a good strategy which provides options for prospective customers to increase sales of that model.

Another model whose sales selling Aventador is capable of up to 1,104 units sold in the last year. Lamborghini Aventador claims when sales increased in the past year compared to the 2015 period.

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Lamborghini gives a great achievement in 2016. The Company has posted another record in sales and will continue its business in the future, “said Stefano Domenicali Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Lamborghini as preached motor1.


Furthermore Domenicali added, the sales of which continued to increase an achievement in itself for Lamborghini. Therefore, in order to continue to increase sales, Domenicali said it will continue to present new models in the sports car market in order to maintain their positive sales achievement.

“Currently we are preparing a new model not only for the sports car market, but with a new model that we also wanted to add to our product portfolio,” added Domenicali.

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