Lexus LS New Generation Ready to Roll Next Month!

Luxury car manufacturer of the family Toyota, Lexus will release an update of LS next month at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), United States. Momentum car show that is often held early in Uncle Sam will be used Lexus LS to launch the latest generation of their flagship sedan into it. United States do indeed have significance for Lexus. In 1989, in Detroit, they unveiled the LS 400 that presents a powerful engine with the convenience of a typical luxury car. The silence in the cabin, slamming the suspension steady until a classy cabin material into a composition that fits and required seekers luxury cars.

Lexus LS New Generation Ready to Roll Next Month!

In the momentum figure 28 years after the LS 400 may not be attractive figure. However it looks like Lexus did not want the highest model in its product portfolio into a vehicle that is not a modern look. Because other Lexus models have adopted the view that L-Finesse is very eccentric .

Lexus LS New Generation

Silhouette photos released, did not display the full Lexus exterior body LS, but in a transparent manner and handed over the driving scheme. However accent grille bumper with large single typical Lexus LS futuristic design looks refreshing aura of their luxurious sedans. Even with accentuation sharpened in the sector seem light LS was also applied to the face.

Of the sectors driving, the base RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) seems clear is used on this model. But do not rule out this drive will also be paired with an electric motor in the front wheel which makes hybrid cars. But the prediction is still open when the V6 engine will be embedded unaccompanied based electric power booster.

Lexus LS New Generation

There was even a rumor rumors that the LS will be embedded pure electric motor drive scheme with resources Fuel Cell.

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Mentioned in the press release, the design of the LS will share the platform with the LC 500. For information, LC 500 Coupe is a model that has a composition as a luxury sports car. So look very sporty Coupe distinctive taste can conjure an elegant sedan look as a 4-door luxury vehicle that still has aggressive spirit.

But wait, though embedded in the DNA soul Coupe LS, Lexus branded this model as a limousine from their brand. That is, luxury, spaciousness and performance are maintained is the value that they would never let me compromise.

Lexus LS New Generation

Interesting to wait, unfortunately the American market will see it the first time early next year. Even the latest rumored new LS will greet the public at the end of the Superpower country 2017 or even early 2018. We’ll see.

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