How to Maintain and Replacing Wiper You Don’t Know

Car windshield or windshield in addition to functioning as penepis wind is also a supporter of media visibility in driving. If the glass is dirty and stained, the view would be disrupted causing discomfort and even dangerous. At that point wiper function becomes so important that it can not be underestimated for granted.

How to Maintain and Replacing Wiper You Don’t Know

Poor wiper performance will be a distraction while driving, especially during the rainy season . Rubber wiper that is damaged, hardened and brittle causing water caress not maximal, even potentially cause scratches on the windshield. So how do I prevent the windshield wipers remain in top condition? Learn tips easily take care of the wipers and wiper switch the following way.

Avoid Heat Of Glass

Avoid heat the wiper
The first thing and the easiest to care for wiper is to get used to lift the wiper from the glass when the car had to be parked in a place directly exposed to the sun. The heat from the sun will increase the temperature of the temperature on the glass surface will then be absorbed by the rubber wiper. Imagine if the rubber is heated constantly, certainly making it fast break.

Cleaning Rubber Wiper

Then, you are also advised to clean wipers regularly, rarely used. It is very easy and does not take long. Provide alcohol on a soft cloth and then bubuhi brightly colored. Part of fabric containing alcohol and then rubbed on the surface of the rubber in the same direction lengthwise.

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Do this several times and you can see the black stains into fabric. Alcohol will remove dirt and oils that stick on the rubber while maintaining its elasticity. Keep in mind, only the rubber surface do you need to swab because the edges wipers usually contained chemical compounds responsible for maintaining rubber elasticity or flexibility.

Go Wiper Conditions

the wipersTo determine the health condition of the rubber wiper, you can be sure that the rubber surface that is attached to the glass can be moved in the opposite direction when wiping. It could be said that the condition is still supple and flexible. Then, you can also feel the rubber surface to detect the condition of the rubber wiper. If the condition of the rubber wiper is already stiff, hard or rough surface, it is time to replace the wiper.

replacing Wiper

In replacing wiper, there are two things you can do. First, you replace the whole set of wipers, including rubber and rubber blades or the second holder simply replace the rubber alone. If replacing one set, you need to pay attention to the type of wiper and size, you can ask the seller aftermarket accessories. Then, when to replace it yourself make sure you study the mechanism and given its position. If you do not want to be bothered, you can ask to be paired when purchasing a set of wiper.

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The second alternative is sufficient to replace the rubber alone. This method is an efficient way because the price is not that expensive when you replace one set. If you have trouble finding the appropriate rubber aftermarket sellers, you can try to visit the authorized repair shop and ask for the availability of wipers for your car.

Tips replacing wiper

For the record, the windshield should be cleaned before installing new wipers and wiper should replace all at once, including rear wiper, rather than one by one. It is intended that the overall performance of the wiper becomes more optimal.

Pick a rubber wiper with qualified or not ‘cheap’ because quality wiper will certainly last longer and work better. The average life span of the wiper ranging from six months to a year maximum. So, if the rubber wiper age you already passed the suggestion that time, do not hesitate to immediately replace it with a new one.

Contents Back Liquid Glass Sprayers

Glass cleaner
Spraying liquid glass also helps performance wiper becomes more optimally so must share your attention. Do not let an empty storage tank and use a special product for spraying liquid glass. Do not use soap mixture haphazardly because of potential problems such as glass or glass squeaked become too slippery, wiper less than optimal performance. Also avoid the use of wax on the windshield, which also will hinder the performance of the wiper.

When channels are jammed spraying or not functioning optimally, try cleaning the use of pins, needles, or paper clips. Simply plug the small hole sprayers to clean. The way it can also be used to set the direction of the spray so that the liquid will land on the glass through which the wiper.

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