Mazda CX-5 Gen 2 Launched in Philippines

Southeast Asia, is finally starting to receive the distribution of Mazda’s new SUV, the all-new CX-5. The second generation of medium wings bearing the brand’s crossover, launched in a Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) 2017 is underway in the Philippines.

Mazda CX-5 Gen 2 Launched in Philippines – Top World Fact

Since it was first launched at the Los Angeles Auto Show last year, is only now that this model set foot in Southeast Asia. Of course, it comes with various updates, which makes it more interesting as well as selection AWD drive that makes lovers of Mazda in Indonesia to bite the fingers.

Mazda CX-5-2017-800-0e

Using the Kodo design schemes that have been refurbished, the CX-5 now appear more handsome in a more simple format. Her face confirmed it. The front part is no longer required by the grill, but the glossy black honeycomb mesh with Mazda logo in the middle. Chrome bar is present at the bottom to connect the left and right lamp housing.

His face looks more cool and aggressive, it turns out the impact of home lighting more narrow, and the combination of lip spoiler on the bumper. Rounded accents on the CX-5 previously removed, changed sharp impression in the eyes of this crossover.

Mazda CX-5-2017-800-14

Aggressiveness in appearance with LED-based DRL makes it more similar to the CX-3, so that now they like the same car, just a different scale.

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The lines are also made more muscular body, so the impression of sporty CX-5 could diperkental. For those of you who are new to the Mazda design, display CX-5 does not look much changed. Well, it’s not entirely wrong, yet made Mazda car they call the second generation, is still built on the same structure as before.

Mazda CX-5-2017-800-0a

In effect, the cabin space was referred to our team who directly report there still has room similar to the CX-5, which is still circulating in Indonesia . Just to refresh the space, given the order of a more modern air conditioning vent with a customized dashboard position to give a feeling driving an SUV more real.

There is one thing we underlined at the launch of this brand-new CX-5 at MIAS 2017, ie 3 engine options and no driving all wheels (All Wheel Drive). Yes, if in Indonesia we see this crossover in only 2 selection unit SKYACTIV engine 2.0 and 2.5 liters of gasoline, then to the Philippine market, there is one more option that is 4-cylinder 2.2-liter diesel.

Mazda CX-5-2017-800-1d

Said compression engine has the greatest torque of line engine SKYACTIV Mazda other . Torque reaches 420 Nm. To ensure the smooth power delivery into the momentum of motion, this machine is only paired with AWD drive. The price has been unveiled to the public Philippines, from Rp 411 to Rp 581 million.

If you are waiting for his presence in the country, should not be too hopeful. Since the introduction of the new management of PT Eurokars Motor Indonesia, which holds the distribution of Mazda in here, do not mention that this model became one of the cars that they release for our nation. But, it is a statement at the beginning of the introduction of Agent licensee (APM) is, in reality later, can be changed. We’ll wait.

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