NextEV Launches Powerful 1341 hp Electric Supercar

While introducing the latest global brand named NIO, NextEV electric car manufacturer also unveiled their first product, namely EP9. If no one has to know this car, EP9 is an Electric Supercar with devastating power of 1,360 PS (1,341 hp). NextEV seriousness in creating Electric Supercar worlds fastest evidenced by a record time of 7: 05.12 at the Nurburgring circuit-Nordsclheife.

The time was already sufficiently proved EP9 fastest electric car ever round “The Green Hell”. Achievement of the record was done on October 12 after EP9 also conquered the Paul Ricard circuit in France to notch a time of 1: 51.78.

EP9 monster power obtained through four electric motors with each having its own gearbox. Total power output reached 1-megawatts or equal to 1,341 hp. Motor voltage 777 V is capable of creating 1,480 Nm of torque with a total torque of 6334 Nm is available instantly from 0 to 7,500 rpm. Total weight of vehicles carrying 1,735 kg, derived from the structure of carbon fiber monocoque chassis and carbon-composite body. Top 10 Deepest Lakes in Indonesia

With an output of it, EP9 can accelerate from 0-100 km / h in 2.7 seconds, 0-200 km / h fast as 7.1 seconds and speed continue to increase rapidly to 313 km / h. Another acceleration figures released by the manufacturer from China, among others 0-300 km / h in 15.9 seconds and 0-200 meters in only 10.1 seconds speed 249 km / h. With remarkable acceleration of data, of course, would suck up battery power more quickly. Therefore NextEV helped apply the fast charging feature can charge the battery in just 45 minutes. From the state of the battery is full and is used up, claimed to have a cruising range as far as 427 km.

Electric Supercar

EP9 appearance is dramatic, does not imply a manufacturer from China are often cheated design of cars popular. The exterior design has gone through the calculations and mature design to create the best possible aerodynamics. In total, EP9 able to generate down-force by 24,000 Newton which means greater doubled compared to a Formula 1 car next Splitter adjustable opening and closing to increase down force while cornering. Plus the active rear wing with 3 positions (park, low drag, high down-force) and different rim sizes, 19 and 21-inch, enough electricity drove almost without a hitch. 5 Reasons to Lie Si He Is Your Mistakes

“Today we launch the Electric Supercar that broke the record in Norschleife. NIO EP9 born as the first phase of production of automotive NIO, “said William Li, founder and chairman NextEV through its official release. “This is a statement of vision and technical capabilities and our manufacturing. Is the best product in its class that shows what is possible from an electric vehicle? “He concluded.

Worth the wait break through especially to be launched by NextEV. Currently only Tesla that really shows consistency in Electric Supercar technology and car autonomous . If NextEV also have a vision for the future to defeat Tesla, at least create an electric sedan also competitors Tesla Model S.

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