Nissan GT-R Painting Largest Map of India

Celebrate the independence day of India to 68, a Nissan GT-R (R 35) depicts the outline of the map of India over the desert sand. It is a way to appreciate the country Nissan India by giving the best handling and performance which became the largest in the world map.

Nissan GT-R Painting Largest Map of India

These maps were drawn over the surface of Sambhar lake that has dried in the region of Rajasthan. Not easy to manipulate the outline of a country with such accuracy. But with the speed and sharpness of the GT-R, it seems to be easy.

Land former lake that has dried up, was deliberately chosen. Not because the scenery is charming, yet gentle enough soil is also a factor. Drones that fly over the lake that has become a desert that can capture impressive streaks.

Handling precision and response engrossing, making the GT-R was able to maneuver to make very precise strokes. The desert was also seemed to be a canvas dominated by a great painter.

Well, it was at the wheel is the professional rally driver, Rahul kanthraj. However, without the devices owned GT-R, called the driving ability alone is not enough. Rahul given a guide with GPS coordinates at the sunset on the dashboard of the GT-R, and of course cars capable to perform incredible maneuvers.

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Nissan GT-R

Map measuring 14.7 km (!) Even this is accounted for by the Limca Book of Records, and the picture above is a scaled replica. Limca record is a compilation of published every year to document the achievement of human and nature.

GT-R recently launched in India in December 2016 and then. Segment targeting young executive who likes to test adrenaline, Nissan India chose a unique way like this to promote his vehicle while respecting the country’s feast day.

Nissan GT-R

To note, the car nicknamed Godzila does have various characteristics that make it feasible summoned monster. For example, engine assemblies hands of Takumi (assemblers GT-R engine) powered 565 horsepower. Understandably, the unit is equipped with a 3.8-liter V6 twin turbo, as well as many features that make driving and controlling qualified.

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