Nissan Navara Trek-1 ° Edition Limited Special Sale

Taking moments Brussels Motor Show 2017 in Belgium, Nissan officially introduced a limited edition Nissan Navara . A special edition of Nissan’s light truck pride, coded Navara Trek-1 °. The name was taken from desert locations in the Navarre region of Spain, which is marked with -1 ° longitude on a globe position.

Nissan Navara Trek-1 ° Edition Limited Special Sale

Nissan Navara Trek-1 ° marketed in limited quantities. Only 1,500 units were sold. All using the highest design model variants, namely the double-cabin or double cabin. As for its trim, adopting the Tekna grade.

The first change is given in a special edition Navara is the color of the body. Consumers can choose between black Black Metallic special colors or new colors white Pearlescent White. On the back side, exactly on the side of the tub reading Trek-1 °.

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Nissan Navara Trek equip-1 ° with two LED spotlights mounted on the black bar. Cross mounted on pick-up bathtub, uniform color with alloy rims 6-spoke 18-inch black. Not to forget also cover practical new tub with plastic material and is offered in black or white.

As a complement, in the cabin becomes more special with the addition of features leather upholstery, heated seats for front passengers, and setting eight-way driver’s seat. In addition, there are also complementary features such as a sunroof, tow bars, differential lock and a spare tire. All the complementary features that can be added to the Nissan Navara Trek-1 ° to spend extra.

Power production is still entrusted to the diesel engine 2.3-liter twin-turbo. Mechanical heart is offered in two power output. The first power 160 PS and a peak torque of 403 Nm. Next output 190 PS and 450 Nm of torque. Distributor power available in a choice of 6-speed manual or 7-speed automatic. The automatic transmission is only available on machines powered 190 PS. While four-wheel 4WD on-demand is already a standard feature. His ability has been tested  through a variety of heavy testing, even Nissan test the toughness in the Sahara desert.

Nissan Navara Trek-1 ° launched officially in Belgium, while other European countries reportedly soon to follow.

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