Total production of Ferrari not comparable with Toyota

Ferrari made a car, with the intention of presenting the sensation of driving, sporty and exotic. On that commitment, they choose a model assembly with considerable human involvement. The goal, giving sentimental humanist perfectionism. That is one factor that makes the total production Ferrari not comparable with Toyota. Ferrari exclusivism in the sense that is what makes this car very expensive. And of course a target for those who are able and lucky to have him. For a man, having a Ferrari is part of his childhood dream. Not a few who managed to make it happen, even in Indonesia. Just look at the young musicians, Kevin Aprilio or famous lawyer, Hotman Paris Hutapea, While pursuing his career, yet realized their dream car.

Total production of Ferrari not comparable with Toyota

Imagine building a following in the footsteps of Kevin persona or Hotman, it seems not impossible. But, have you ever dreamed of in your garage if there are dozens of Ferrari? And it is precisely confusion Ferrari would choose which one would you drive to match your mood or outfit? Imagining it difficult.

That line of life lived David Lee, a businessman who sells jewelry and luxury watches largest in the United States. Lee, maybe not the one who has the largest collection of Ferrari. There is still a billionaire Saudi businessman or the US and European nobility who has a collection of more prancing horse in his garage.

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But of all Ferrari collectors, Lee was well respected name. First, of course because the number of its rare models. He even referred to as one of the few people on this earth who has the most complete collection of rare Ferrari. In fact he was appointed as Ambassador of The North American Consumer Ferrari. Not because of his wealth, but his love of the brand

Who David Lee?

David SK Lee is a man of Chinese descent born in the United States. He inherited his father’s business enterprises, Hing Wa Lee, who had pioneered the precious stone carving factory in Hong Kong in 1965. Success build his business, he also distributes jewelry to the United States. In 1990, David Lee, who became heir to the business would diversify the previous wholesale sales (wholesale) to retail. He was then appointed as the official distributor of various brands of jewelry and luxury watch making it the largest network in the US.

How Lee Loved Ferrari?

If in Indonesia we see the Ferrari driver is a type of weekend drivers where they drove only on weekends, not so with Lee. He daily driving Italian. At a minimum, the Ferrari FF.

Of course he does not just have cars of one brand only. There are models of Lamborghini and Porsche, as well as some of the Rolls Royce that he has and is sometimes used as needed. However, the heart and passion put on brand origin Maranello, Italy.

In excerpts of an interview with Petrolicious two years ago, he explained why his hobby stream passing Ferrari.

“I love history and I do not think there are other brands that have your portfolio as well as the variety of products such as Ferrari. After talking with a few other collectors, I will drop the heart to chase 288 GTO until full La Ferrari, “said David Lee.

David started his passion just came from work. He explained that when he started doing business that his father started, namely in the sale of jewelry and luxury watches, see a connection between luxury watches and automotive industries. “How engineering quality, brand, brand image of luxury and exclusivity to make a lot of cooperation between brand watches and cars,” explains Lee.

Once he began to have a sports car Porsche 911 C2, Lamborghini Diablo, he wants to own a Ferrari. According to incomplete term holy trinity without Ferrari. But that’s where destiny began to outline her life with a distinctive brand with red Rosso Corsa.

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Currently, he even arranges activities of inter-together Ferrari owners and supercar sekasta in events that she standalone title in front of his shop in Hing Wa Lee Plaza, Fairway Drive, Walnut, California, USA. The goal was noble, to create scenery that is able to invite people to share the same dream.

First Ferrari what did he have?

1965 Roadster is 275 GTS models which is one of the works of Pininfarina’s iconic 3.3 liter V12 engine with the fuel intake system 2-barrel carburetor.

The process of research, learning to speak with other collectors when choosing this type, making it increasingly falling in love with Ferrari. The greatness of the founder Enzo, until the entire vocabulary dictionary Ferrari models understood. From here his mind flooded with the desire to have all the exotic models from Maranello.

“I ended up selling my car including all new cars to be focused on Ferrari and classic cars,” added Lee.

Unlike other collectors who chose to silence her car in a private museum, Lee instead nourish and bring the horses prance on the highway.

“I’m probably most of those rare people who drive Ferrari 7 days a week. I was driving the other car. I believe when driving these cars, because most cars that I bought had not been ridden. I repair it, refresh it to be lawful to use every day. From there I could feel the sensation of nostalgia, how it feels to be in the world at that time. Like a time machine, I enjoyed the feeling, “said Lee.

That story when driving a Ferrari legacy. From other sources, this man also has a story of the process has a brand-new Ferrari. First, he explained that there are several types of Ferrari. He even menganalogikannya like stocks, there is a blue chip, there is also a premiere, and there were regular. Indeed, quite unique know Ferrari categorization of mind David Lee. But she did.

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Special or limited edition Ferrari will be very valuable in the market. Because, not everyone can have. Usually people who have rarely are willing to sell. Or Even if changing hands, usually in person without a special sales channel. “Often the owner there is no desire to sell, so you should provide an attractive price offer so they thought to sell it. Only then give the price is really worth. Sometimes successfully, but often this strategy also failed to be successful, “he explained.

He also explained, to get the latestFerrari, you can not like visiting the showroom , then immediately sign him to give some money. Once you appoint and pay models, the new factory will start to assemble. And if it’s not a particular model, then you will get it within a few months or a year.

If the special model? For example FerrariEnzo or LaFerrari, so rich as anything you, as much as anything owned oil refineries, during the principal does not want you to have it then do not expect. Because after you order and provide a list of Ferrari that you have a portfolio, your name will be reviewed first by the executive team at Maranello.

They would make the car like a prize for winning a sweepstakes or lottery. David Lee is a bit of people on this planet who has both. According to Lee, usually before the car was launched to the public, the unit was already fully booked, but they managed to have the new know when to get it.

Ferrari what he loved most?

Currently she is LaFerrari, previously Ferrari Enzo, F50 and F40. Yes, he said, this model is the ultimate work of Maranello manufacturer to show kedigdayaannya from generation to generation in producing; even concocting a model they call the best work.

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