What is Radial? Money Peoples are Dont Know

What is Radial? Money Peoples are Dont Know

Ban motor vehicles are distinguished by several criteria. There were tire tubetype (with tires) and tubeless (without tires), some radial tires and bias tires, which is distinguished by its construction.

The main difference, radial tire construction using a layer of steel fibers, while the bias tires use nylon fiber.Radial tire is formed of layers of fibers that intersect in the tire rim. Belt made of steel radial tires with tread more rigid and more resistant to shocks.

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While the bias tire, made of sheet cord that became the framework of the tire. Cord is woven with a pattern of zig-zag -shaped angle of 40-65 degrees to the circumference of the tire.

From the aspect of driving comfort, also superior radial tires. Because the steel fiber is more flexible so more comfortable even crossing the road damage.

Radial tire also has grip (traction) is better than the bias tire, especially during cornering. Because, when working, the tire pressure to the wall (side), while the bias tire pressure precisely to the front and back. By doing so, the heat load can also be distributed more evenly so that the tires do not wear out quickly.

Lastly, the radial tire was also better in high rotation. That’s him why radial tires are widely used on motorcycles berkubikasi high.

“Radial tires have heat resistance stronger. He is better used at higher speeds than the bias tire,” said Arijanto Notorahardjo, EVP Marketing & Sales MC Tire Replacement PT Gajah Tunggal, Wednesday (04/12/2017).

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