Speaker Alert Lamborghini Dibanderol Rp 300 million-an

It is no strange to manufacture automotive premium and top brands to produce products outside the automotive industry. The products were then given the same label with the automotive brands that causes the price jumped. However, there is a unique product of Lamborghini; the speakers are inspired by the shape and sound of the engine.

Speaker Alert Lamborghini Dibanderol Rp 300 million-an


Working closely with iXOOST, which is a manufacturer of premium speakers from Italy, Lamborghini offers speaker-inspired flagship poduk, Lamborhini Aventador. EsaVox is the name of the speaker of the collaboration iXOOST and Lamborghini. Speaker docking station once it was later labeled a fantastic price of $ 24,000 or approximately USD 300 million-an. And there is a strong reason why the price can be exorbitant so, beyond the Lamborghini name.

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Not only take inspiration solely from the Aventador, iXOOST thick with machine-style speaker design also implement standards wake of a car similar to the EsaVox. Such as the use of the building blocks monocoque made from carbon fiber, the Aventador’s original exhaust system, until the damper system on each of the speakers made pottery.


In addition to the technical objectives, it is also believed to give the impression like real cars. Exhaust systems are designed with features variable aperture to control the pressure of the sub-woofer and shock absorber on the speaker serves to reduce vibration.

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EsaVox featuring design of two hexagonal cabinet made from carbon which is home of full-range two 6.5-inch speakers and two 8-inch woofer. While the 15-inch subwoofer high sensitivity as the main heart made of Neodymium and 2 tweeter 1 inch of Mylar are located in the exhaust unit. The total power of up to 800 Watt thanks to virtual 6.1 suttound system. The connection options offered Bluetooth 4.0 technology and traditional AUX port as input and output support ADC / DAC.


Consumers can choose one of four colors offered is black, yellow, orange, and red. The most interesting, as well as Lamborghini supercars, speaker EsaVox constructed manually or handmade, in order to maintain the exclusivity of its products.

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