Steeped Toyota C-HR Will Be Present in Indonesia

Toyota C-HR SUV segment, continues to attract increasingly crowded models. It is not a day longer to sell than a masculine-looking models to represent the reliability penetrate various fields. Just look at the Jeep. He ended up a white flag to firmly make a rigid design and boxes. Slowly and Cherokee Renegade look more dynamic. The most sinister, even the Defender, the most iconic models of the Land Rover, euthanasia. That is, the choice is to follow the development of market interest or struggling create loyal consumers who slowly become extinct.

Steeped Toyota C-HR Will Be Present in Indonesia

Toyota had never follow that path. So there is an opportunity presents vehicles with the best design concepts, they directly serve. Instead, for example, maintain idealism with iconic design that is highly segmented (limited) demand, they prefer to answer the market demand.

C-HR is the proof. We see how a vehicle similar to the concept version finally produced a very futuristic.

C-HR still an SUV. DNA that can not be separated, genetics has been crossed with a very sporty coupe. Cruising range thanks to the high ground clearance, four-wheel drive (on certain variants) is reliably bulldoze a variety of conditions, was successfully presented through the figure of a beautiful, sweet, but athletic.

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If you have trouble, try typing Michelle Jeneke in Google. Australian sprinter beautiful figure, has an athletic body but can accelerate against the Nissan GTR.

After clicking Google Jeneke, back lagilah to this article to find out, as sexy as what it is, and as tough as what the figure of C-HR which will be launched in Indonesia.

What concept?

design concept C-HR

Coupe High Rider is the meaning of the acronym C-HR. Ordained as a crossover Toyota brand that represents excellence in terms of design, manufacturing and technology. He appeared as a hybrid SUV and coupe.

In the homeland, we’ve seen the format of these vehicles in the Nissan Juke and Honda HR-V. Interesting? Of course, because the body is charming like a coupe, but the vehicle could have a cruising range of more reliable. Application design is possible because in producing C-HR, Toyota uses their new platform, Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA).

C-HR appear more ferocious longer than the two models. More muscular and masculine. Carrying the body are filled with sharp curves are less conventional. In fact, very much like the concept version that we’ve seen in the arena Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS), 2016.

Whatever that meant presenting a futuristic look that way. For the sake of aerodynamics or aesthetic. After all, we consider exotic eye subjective -may – but what can I say

Just look at the face, there is a pair of flat lamps accented with bold contain halogen-based projector lens. LED lights that serve as Daytime Running Light (DRL) is certainly present to be a sweetener, as well as prerequisites are required in some countries.

Stern, it reminds you of the Honda Civic Turbo. With upright nan cool boomerang scheme, which form the buttocks like a jet plane. And to reinforce the feel coupenya, lever back door was a bit ‘hidden’ peletakannya in the upper corner of the door.


sienta machine

There are some machines that we found from the outstanding literacy Toyota official in Japan and America. First, the unit 4-cylinder 1.2 liter turbo-FTS 8NR with 4WD. The petrol engine with a particle a single scroll turbo is capable of producing power up to 116 PS.

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Yes, despite the quick capacity, but its fairly competitive with a 1.5-liter engine. The technology embedded in this machine is the development of VVT-i Variable Valve timing-called Wide Intelligent (VVT-IW) and Direct Injection.

The next engine, 1.8-liter hybrid coded 2ZR-FXE. It has a combination of 122 PS power. With the scheme of hybrid engines, Toyota claims of efficiency at the level of 30.2 km / liter was achieved using the JC08 test methods.

This model is called being able to walk with the electric motor alone. Or a combination of both to dig performance. Such units, as well as 8NR-called FTS will be used for the Asian market.

Machine marketed USA else, namely 4-cylinder 2.0 liter gasoline. The unit is powered 144 PS, paired with a CVT transmission that is channeled to the front wheels. There are no turbo or VVT-i, but only VVT and Valvematic are applied to maintain its performance.

But there is one prediction that is large enough potential to happen. Ie, 4-cylinder engine applications 2NR-FE that is currently used by the All New Sienta. Because the 1.5-liter engine-powered 105 PS, is indeed prepared to schematic front wheels with Dual-VVT-i. Not only that, even this machine fits paired with a CVT transmission or a 6-speed manual.

Where Production

C-HR assemblies Turkey

Thailand or Japan? Toyota factory named Gateway Plant, reportedly ready to produce C-HR, both for Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. But the Toyota Indonesia has not yet confirmed about the origin of this crossover if sold in the country later. Whether Japan or Thailand kah source ? That will surely be imported first.

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In addition to these two countries, C-HR is also produced in Sakarya, Turkey to the European market.

The reason is quite simple, awaiting the results of the sale. For PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia as the manufacturer of the new car here dare assemble locally if demand has reached 1,000 units per month.

C-HR itself is a brand-new species that had never been there before, so the case is a little different to Sienta. Modern MPV models with sliding doors is directly localized since it was first launched because it is proven to exist in the international market.

When to Present in Indonesia?

Toyota Indonesia has not been answered definitely. Toyota Astra Motor parties as Agent licensee (APM) in Indonesia, which had met some time ago are still reluctant to ensure that the model is marketed in Indonesia in 2017.

“We continue to study, whether it’s a new product we will match and according to community needs. So as I said there is a possibility. But for details I can not comment because we still study, “said Henry Tanoto, Vice President of TAM.

But if you look at the development and distribution of Toyota’s culture, it would not rule out the C-HR ready to be brought to their homeland this year. As a prologue to the vehicle introduction session, usually taking place in the national automotive exhibition. Could April at the Indonesian International Motor Show or GIIAS in August.

How much it costs?

Certainly there has been no official price. Launched just still later. But, viewing habits automotive player in this case Toyota, they will membanderolnya in existing product ranges. In this case the HR-V and Juke.

Parties Toyota still silent. They chose not want to speculate, fearing the C-HR eroded the SUV segment which is currently held by Rush, Fortuner and Land Cruiser. But with the price of Juke and HR-V which is in the range of USD 280-380 million, nominal package is certainly to be slipped between Rush and Fortuner.

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