Most Successful Car Collaboration in the World

Cooperation between two or more companies in the automotive industry is a common thing that often happens. The basic advantage is easily obtained as exchange technology or other technical expertise. For example, now in the era of alternative energy technologies, cooperation in hybrid technology and electric motors necessary for manufacturers those have never been experienced in the field. Then, as the development of autonomous technology, opens many doors of cooperation between manufacturers and suppliers of the technology provider.

But if an interesting time further back, have a lot of agreement between the two companies in the automotive field.

Most Successful Car Collaboration in the World

Ford and Shelby


A Car Collaboration between a riders named Carroll Shelby and the Ford car manufacturer to produce an iconic sports car that remains timeless today. Anyone would be amazed at the sight of the car’s design. Shelby Cobra was first introduced in 1963, a revolutionary product that changed the world automotive industry.

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Aston Martin and Zagato Car Collaboration


Starting in the field of aeronautics design or design airplanes, Ugo Zagato decided to ‘swerve’ take care of car design in the late 1910s. Zaman dimension big and heavy car, he made use of his experience in aircraft design and apply to the design of the car to be more lightweight and aerodynamic. Results Zagato collaboration with the manufacturer of the most memorable to date none other than Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato.

Rolex and the World Motorsport


Manufacturers of luxury watches, Rolex, never absent have appeared in the arena of world championship racing. This brand always plastered on billboards or in becoming an official sponsor in several racing teams. Rolex’s involvement in world motorsport began in the 1930s when Sir Malcolm Campbell broke the record speed of 480 km / h at Bonneville salt flat while using a Rolex.

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Michelin and Bugatti Car Collaboration


Michelin is no stranger to creating special tires for high performance cars. Talking about Michelin means closely related to the world of racing or motorsport. Such as the Moto GP race, Le Mans 24 Hours, the world rally, Formula-e and so forth, there will be better without contribution from Michelin’s participation as a major tire supplier.

Mercedes and AMG Car Collaboration


Two big names are getting attached when talking about high performance car belonging to Mercedes-Benz. Founded by former Mercedes engineer himself, Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher who is an expert in preparing the engine for racing? Three letters AMG itself is short of Aufrecht, Melcher and Grobaspach. Their first creation was racing engines for Mercedes-Benz 300 SE in 1965. Somewhat gain success it creates collaboration between the two companies.

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BMW and Alpina Car Collaboration


BMW has its own high-performance division of M Division is concocting a standard BMW models become more sporty and violent. But there is a special relationship between this German manufacturer with Alpina is an automotive company specialized modifications. In addition to have lasted for more than 50 years, has always managed to make the Alpina BMW products become more special and special even when compared with the M version though.

McLaren and Honda


McLaren and Honda are two different manufacturers genus. McLaren departed from the world of motorsport and become a respected supercar manufacturer. While Honda is the manufacturer of passenger cars also have a high-flying hour in the world of motorsport. Taken together, creating a wonderful history in the Formula One world championship that dominates the jets land between 1988 to 1992.

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Ferrari and Pininfarina


Pininfarina name itself has been stuck in the car looking, especially in the era of the 1960s supercar. In addition to producing designs that exotic , home of this design also plays a major role in creating new invoasi in technology and manufacturing. Pininfarina also memprakasai anybody construction and aerodynamics testing the air in the hallway. Cooperation between Ferrari and Pininfarina always produce cars that are very beautiful and iconic.

And the MINI Cooper


Names that have been attached to the minds of anyone who would be a small car that is cute and attractive. But there are still many who do not know that these two words have a different history. The late John Cooper (1923-2000) engaged in the world of racing with gebrakannya design the engine behind in the 1950s.

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