Top 10 Most Powerful Fastest Trains in the World

The train is a means of transportation that is favored by many people. In addition to the aircraft, rail transportation is fast enough to move from one place to another. There are 10 trains in the world that has a speed on the trains in general. The reason is what makes the train 10 becomes the fastest train ever. 10 fastest trains in the world can you read below.

Top 10 Most Powerful Fastest Trains in the World

10. Velaro E – 403 kph

One of the fastest trains in the world developed by the company Siemens Velaro and operated by the Spanish train company is RENFE. The train named Velaro E. There are many families from the train Velaro E and arguably the train Velaro is the Spanish version.

Fastest Trains in the World

The first unit of the Velaro E came in July 2005 and a new first trial was conducted in January 2006. When the trials conducted between cities Guadalajara and Calatayud, Velaro E reached speed of 403 kph. The fast train holds the record for the fastest train in Spain.

9. ICE V – 407 kph

Fastest Trains in the World

With speeds reaching 407 miles per hour, ICE V is the fastest train in the world 9th. Before the so-called ICE V, this super-fast train called The Intercity Experimental is a fast train that was developed by Deutsche Bundesbahn. This is the ancestor of all Intercity Express trains. Train ICE train V is not made to be public transport. The train is coming in 1985 and is used only for purposes of trial. From the experiment, obtained the data that ICE kecepan V can run at 407 kph. The record was unbeaten until 1990.

8. LIMRV – 411 kph

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LIMRV stands for Linear Induction Motor Vehicle Research. A fast train powered by 3,000 horsepower. If they felt less quickly, there is still power from J52 jet engine that is ready to push the train is faster. LIMRV recorded can reach speeds of up to 411 kph. LIMRV record-breaking speed of 411 kph on August 14, 1974. Previously, he held the trial in October 1972. The results of these experiments are not too satisfactory. LIMRV only able to run as fast as 302 miles per hour. That is because the path used for testing has distance limitations. This is exactly what makes LIMRV added meisn J52 jet.

7. aerotrain 180-429 kph

Fastest Trains in the World

A French engineer named Jean Bertin creates a fast train called 180. aerotrain aerotrain 180 was developed in France from 1965 to 1977. Bertin made aerotrain with the aim of creating a train that could run fast on the track without getting resistance from the air. Bertin destination is reached with the completion of aerotrain 180. In 1974, 180 Aeorotrain broke the world record with capable reaching speeds of 429 kph. Dear this train is not released to the public. Due to limited funding and the engineer’s death in 1977, the development aerotrain 180 was forced to stop.

6. CRH 380A – 380 kph

Fastest Trains in the World

CRH 380A is super-fast train in China. Developed by CSR Corporation Limited and has been functioning since 2010 until now. China should be proud because this is homemade wagon trains that do not cheat the original design of the trains from other countries.

CRH 380A can reach a maximum speed of 380 kph. CRH 380A was developed in 2008. In 2011, CRH 380A never suffered a fatal accident. Since the accident, by the Chinese government, the train speed CRH 380 a lowered. Which had reached 380 kilos per hour now to 299 kilos per hour?

5. Shanghai Maglev – 430 kph

Fastest Trains in the World

Opened to the public in 2004, Shanghai Maglev is the first train in the world that is driven by magnetic force. Trains this incredible train developed by the German manufacturer. Shanghai Meglov connects the suburbs of Shanghai to Pudong airport. Its speed can reach 430 kph. With a cost of around 1.2 billion USD, already sapantasnya Shanghai Maglev could run fast. On August 11, 2006, Shanghai Maglev had experienced a fire. The incident took place after the train leaves the airport Pudong. Fortunately there were no casualties. The cause of the fire is expected because electricity.

4. Transrapid 09-500 kph

Fastest Trains in the World


The next fast train is still the result of the development of train manufacturers from Germany, together with the Shanghai Maglev. It is said that the Transrapid train 09 is the latest and most sophisticated ever made. Sanggung accelerate and decelerate in a short time.

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Same with the Shanghai Maglev, Transrapid 09 is also driven using magnetic force Designed specifically to be able to reach speeds of 500 kph. The Transrapid 09 is now located in Emsland, Germany.

3. TGV POS – 574 kph

Fastest Trains in the World

Moving connecting countries France and Switzerland, Train a Grande Vitesse is a super-fast train that dioeparsikan by SNCF, a French company. There are 2 TGV POS unit that functions as a transport link between France and Switzerland. The first train that has been modified and unmodified second.

Disclosed by train TGV POS SNCF that the modified successfully reach a maximum of 574 kilos per hour. While that has not been modified only have a maximum speed of up to 321 kph.

2. scmaglev MLX01 – 584 kph

Fastest Trains in the World

The second fastest train in the world named JR-Maglev MLX01. Is a super-fast train in Japan. JR-Maglev MLX01 has a maximum speed which is quite amazing that 584 kilos per hour. The speed obtained after a test at 43 km along the track in Yamanashi.

Approximately 12 years scmaglev MLX01 holds the record for the fastest train in the world of 2003. After 12 years ie in 2015, the speed record scmaglev MLX01 dipecahkah by fast train others who also come from Japan.

1. Scmaglev L0 Series – 603 kph

Fastest Trains in the World

Do not be surprised once you know how fast the train. Train named L0 Series Scmaglev able to touch a maximum speed of 603 kph. Developed by Central Japan Railway Company, Scmaglev L0 Series is a fast train linking the two Japanese cities of Tokyo and Osaka.

L0 Series Scmaglev speed measurements performed on April 21, 2015. No one had expected that the trains can reach speeds of 603 kph. Initially only expected to reach 505 kilos per hour. With speeds like that, it only takes about 40 minutes to get to the city of Nagoya from Tokyo and just 1 hour 7 minutes away from Tokyo to Osaka.

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