Volvo Truck – The World’s Fastest Truck

When speaking of the truck, then it looks like we are not far from the shadow of large carrying vehicle, make jam, slow, heavy, sometimes looks slovenly, and no decoration inviting smile on his body. But for the truck you see above, these things do not apply. Here he was, The Iron Knight.

Volvo Truck – The World’s Fastest Truck

Volvo FH-based truck racing is breaking the speed record for the FIA truck class last August, Because we realize how the car is unsightly and savage. By utilizing the machines are placed in the middle of the truck, powered 2440 hp and torque of 6,000 Nm (!) Complete with turbocharger rhino which unfortunately does not say how much the pressure, the Iron Knight speeding pitched voice that terrified.

The truck is controlled by Boije Ovebrink. An experienced truck driver for 30 years, and have started to solve various speed records since 1994. In 2012, he was also a record-breaking pace for the FIA truck class, with a Volvo called Mean Green. Well, for this time, record Ovebrink himself to be solved.

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Volvo Truck – The World’s Fastest Truck- iron-knight-driver

According to the man who can not say the athletic, Iron Knight is perfection with aerodynamic design and modern, as well as their technical capabilities were admirable. “The truck is unsightly, the energy flowing so pedals being stepped on,” he explained. “This is the third speed record breaker truck I drove, and when compared (trucks used) Wild Viking and Mean Green, this is the best.”

According to Nigel Atterburry, senior designer for Volvo Truck, compared to the Mean Green, Iron Knight is lighter up to 1 ton, and a more powerful 600 hp engine. More spectacularly, the brutal machine attached to artificial standard Volvo Truck transmissions, called I-Shift Dual Clutch. According to the Volvo, the transmission is able to minimize the loss of power when shifting gears. And as you can see in the video below, it looks like Iron Knight drove like a knight who lusted.

“This shows that the transmission I-Shift Dual Clutch we have great potential, and will not disappoint when you are in severe conditions. We are proud of our speed record breaking truck using the same transmission premises Volvo truck ordinary highway, “said Claes Nilsson, CEO of Volvo Trucks.

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To break the land speed record, FIA (world automotive body) requires a vehicle, regardless of its form to run as fast as possible as far as 1 km, back and forth, in a closed path, and take the average result of two times ‘run’ is. To qualify, the Volvo team utilizing a test track Skeleftea Drive Center, former Swedish air bases now turned into a test track, with a fairly long straight road.

Well, the iron kstaria have managed to break the record for speed with a distance of 500 meters covered in 13.71 seconds, with a speed of 131.291 km / h, and also a distance of 1km with a travel time of 21.29 seconds, which ditempu with a speed of 169.093 km / hour.

Volvo Truck – The World’s Fastest Truck

Amazingly, Acceleration 0-100 km / h achieved in 4.6 seconds, and top speed is achieved when making the record was 276 km / h. It is a time that is usually achieved by a lightweight sports car, not a truck weighing 4.5 tons like this.

If only the entourage trucks head of green, yellow and red on the motorway we have the energy like this, there is no reason for them to walk slowly and make jam. But who also are ‘stripped’ record-breaking truck here, in addition to record overloaded.

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