Wrong Myths About 4×4 Car

In the middle of the country the development of the automotive industry, the figure of tough car, it turned out to be excellent sales slowly. Understandably, the community needs now is not only haulage, or a cheap price, but also more flexible capabilities in various fields.

4×4 car or 4WD (4 Wheel Drive) is the answer. Ready to compete with off-road terrain, but also remain reliably brought in the city center with good looks dashing and charming.

Therefore at this time the manufacturer continues to process product SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) they are easier to use. Including the 4×4 SUV, or Double Cabin. Unfortunately, until now, it turns out there are still some incorrect assumptions about having a 4×4 vehicle.

In the middle of the show Mitsubishi Triton Family Gathering which was held November 12, OTO.com met a driving trainer who often provide training offroad named Momon S. Maderoni. Momon is also a consultant Indonesia Smart Drive is sharing some interesting things about one of the growing opinion among users of 4×4.

Here are Wrong Myths About 4×4 Car

  1. Use 4×4 Will be Damaging Car

Come on, this is no longer the era of the 90s where the automatic transmission technology also is frightening. 4-wheel drive has been designed so as to be able to support the needs of its users. So, do not be afraid to use it.

“If it is needed, do not hesitate to use it, now 4×4 is very sophisticated and not easily damaged when in use,” said Momon. Instead he would think if never used, there is a chance the device could malfunction due to never connect or use.


  1. New Enabled After Mired

This is one point that often do the mistake Off road amateur riders, which enable connection 4×4 motion when the car is in the condition trapped. “You’d better move before entering the field that will be passed,” said Momon.

According Momon, that the importance of observation field before rolling a wheel on track to be skipped.Observations can be a variety of ways, whether it’s asking for help from outside the vehicle and the road conditions and always read the amendment.

Instead, he suggested that watchful enter transfercase to position 4×4 High (H) if it has been in off-road conditions. And do not hesitate to move to a lower ratio (4×4 Low / L) if the field has been growing increasingly steep or slippery conditions.

  1. Only Be Used On Teeth 1 and 2

This assumption is plural heard in public. Understandably, the population of 4×2 vehicles, more than a 4×4 vehicle. On 4×2 vehicles, to gain momentum motion, usually forcing motorists to provide high engine speed in steep terrain and indeed the only way is to rely on low gear.

But once your car is equipped with 4-wheel drive and you activate it, then throw away the presumption.Motion system 4 wheels as the name already draining the power to turn the wheels to the four points, so traction is basically better.

4x4 Car range-rover

In fact, in a 4×4 vehicle by setting a low ratio, first gear was sometimes forbidden to use unless absolutely stuck. Yet to create a momentum of motion alone, 2 tooth had been able to create momentum. That is, use a higher gear ie 3.4, 5 even when the system is still able to do four-wheel active.

  1. Prestige Using 4×4

“Do not show off,” the message Momon. The reason is, there are unscrupulous motorists often feel great if the car could pass off-road terrain with 4×2 drive still plugged in. Indeed, this can be done, but this is precisely the formula could plunge even potentially harm users later.

If your vehicle is equipped with 4-wheel motion system, then do not hesitate to use it, especially if in the presence of your own head off road terrain which if not able to be passed by 4×2 vehicles.

  1. Could Not Speeding

Opinion on 4×4 vehicles are not able to drag still created today. We in the editorial was still heard until last week, that there is a fellow who bought a Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 from Cirebon to Jakarta and said the car could not be speeding.

Having questioned further, it turned out all the way, it activates transfercase in position 4×4 Lo. With the 4×4 conditions in low ratio like that, of course, the car was able to accommodate the spin machine to advance to the high speed, even without the scream machine will only pick up speed.

4x4 Car triton-std

But if you use it correctly, for example by positioning the transfer case on 4×4 Hi or 4H, then the gear ratio will remain high, but the whole wheel can rotate simultaneously, meaning that high speed can be accommodated by the gearbox.

Even in 4WD high position, the vehicle would be safe to drive at high speeds because of traction at all four wheels intact. Surely there is a certain speed limit depending on your vehicle.

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