10 Most Bizarre Beauty Treatments at once repulsive In The World

All women in the world certainly want to look pretty. At the time that has been advanced as now, there are a lot of ways to look beautiful. Care, treatment, all willingly made by women to look beautiful. But how dare you do beauty treatments like the one below? Ten beauty treatments is very strange and could be said to be the most disgusting ever in the world.

10. Fish Pedicure

Have you ever see or hear the name of a fish pedicure? Sounds weird huh? But the beauty treatments utilizing the fish was actually there. More great again, many people both men and women who try treatment with these fish.

The question arises, what fish do we have? When you dip a toe into the pool that contains the Garra, they will immediately surround your feet. Garra fish will eat the dead skin cells on the feet. Garra fish have no teeth and usually stops when the dead skin cells were eaten.

9. Bee Stings

For those of you who are afraid of bees, these treatments may not be your choice. especially considering the bee sting is not trivial. If you guys there who have an allergy to bee stings, treatment can be fatal. But there are many people who dare to try sengata bee as one way to be beautiful.

Yes, it was explained that a bee sting is very painful. Before performing beauty treatments, it helps you to consult with your doctor first. Not only risk to people undergoing treatment with stings, bee used even accept greater risks are dead.

8. Bath Eels

Has a body shape similar to a snake, has a smooth skin, and also good for food. Will you guess what animal is that? That eel. Snake-like shape makes many people feel amused and disgusted to touch an eel. But make no mistake once, there is a beauty treatment tablets using eels.

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Beauty treatment is a method that allows you to enjoy a shared bathroom with eel. Not just any eels, eel used size is very small, almost like a pencil. When you begin to take a dip in a pond full of eels, quickly eels will eat the dead skin that is attached to the body.

7. Using Suction Blood Leech

Many animals are used for beauty treatments. The above mentioned Garra fish, bees, and eel. Now turn leeches used by several people to help some people achieve what they want that beautiful appearance. How is this treatment performed?

We know that the blood sucking leech like. By experts, loan will be used to help blood circulation in the body and dilute. Feel free in this way? A number of Hollywood artists and some have already followed this treatment such as Demi Moore, Dolly Parton and Pamela Anderson.

6. Diet Ribbon Worm

Excess weight is a common problem faced by many people. Both the men and women, all of them want to have a slender body with no fat. One way to achieve this is with a diet. There are many methods of diet in this moern era. One of the most extreme is the tapeworm diet.

Tapeworms have a parasitic nature. They will absorb the juices of the food in the body. Nature that is being used by people who are experiencing problems in losing weight. How do I make this tapeworm diet? Tapeworm eggs inserted into a pill, and the pill is drunk.

5. Facial Dirt Bird

Every living thing must have one day will excrete waste products. Of course the name of dirt was nothing interesting. Not just dirty, definately dirt is also accompanied by the odor is offensive. Believe it or not, there is a beauty treatment method that utilizes the dirt as his instrument.

Approximately dirt was used? You’ve probably never experienced a car ride unlucky incident affected bird droppings from animals. Well, dirt is utilized for treatment. Bird droppings specially prepared and used for facial face. It is believed that facial uses bird droppings can make skin smoother and brighter.

4. Facial Snail

Both have a soft body with eel, the following animals can also be used as one way to beauty treatments. The animal is a snail. Body soft and slippery snails that make many people must disgust. If you see him, do not to touch, to approach alone is lazy taste.

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So, what can be used from this snail for us? It turns out slugs used as facials, as well as bird droppings. When snails move, the way they travel will definitely wet with mucus. Mucus is what many people believe to prevent premature aging. so, put a slug in the face and let them move wherever they like.

3. Perfume Of Vomit Pope

Have you vomit? When someone vomiting, certain people around him will immediately step aside. What else is there if not disgust. Not just shape alone is not known, but it smelled also certainly bad. Not only humans are disgusting vomit, vomit animals is no less despicable. But apparently there loh vomit animals used as one of the tools makeup.

From whale vomit is used by humans to be used as a perfume. No kidding, perfumes are made using whale vomit has a very high value. Whale vomit called ambergris is processed into perfume with a distinctive aroma. Did you know that the famous brand Lanvin Channel and use this as whale vomit their perfume ingredients?

2. Sperm Cow

Upon hearing the word sperm course, there are people who feel disgusted, but there is also a smile himself. The following treatments may be linked with the sperm. Human sperm is not used but the sperm of animals cattle used for beauty treatments methods.

Well, what kind of care using cattle sperm as an ingredient? By the inventor, cattle sperm used for hair care, especially hair the Eve. Sperm cattle were lumpy and high protein is said to be very powerful to make hair shiny, smooth and thick.

1. Krim Face Of Baby Gender

Beauty Treatments

In the last sequence of the most absurd beauty treatments ever. Here was a face cream made from the genitals of baby boys. Ever heard the ads say, as soft as a baby’s bottom? Well, that’s what makes the inspiration to create this cream. However, the composition that could make anyone think twice to buy it.

This face cream made from the skin of male genitalia has been cut. The skin of the male genitalia is believed rich in nutrients. When applied to the skin, the cream can prevent the skin becomes wrinkled or prevent premature aging. Because it uses unusual materials, obviously do cream direct reap a lot of controversy.

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