Top 10 Facts you Probably did not Know about the Buttocks

There are big ones, there are little ones, there are plates and there are rounds. Rumpes are available in all its different forms, and without a doubt, something that has always been interesting to us people. At some more interesting than others. Everyone has our own, but obviously others seem to be of greater interest. Here are ten facts that you should know about your very own ass!

01Large buttocks are psychologically increasing for men …
Some psychologists believe that women’s forms in women have evolved at an evolutionary level . As a rule, women have more fat  in their buttocks than men, which, according to theories, may be due to the fact that women carry enough fat for a healthy pregnancy , which would be attractive and appealing to men.


Men and women usually have different shapes on the buttocks.
Men and women usually have different big and different shapes on their butts. This because the hormone estrogen stores fat different in men and women; Mostly in the buttocks, hips and thighs.


03The butt is probably our first sexual point in our primitive behavior …
It’s not uncommon to ask if you’re a breast or buttock man . Some sociobiologists believe that the butt is the first sexual point in our primitive behavior, and people who prefer breasts do so because of the similarity to the buttocks.

04Sure, you can assure your ass …
Jennifer Lopez (see image below) has assured his ass. That is, if her butt would get permanent damage, she would be able to collect $ 27,000,000 in insurance money. Likewise,  Kylie Minogue has secured his back for a total of $ 5,000,000 .


05Rump implants are becoming more common and more common …
In 2014 , a total of 2 446  rump implants were made in the United States. About 10% of all who performed an operation were men , the remaining 90% were women .

06Today, one can also be known for its backdrop. While some celebrities have become more famous for certain parts of their body – such as Pamela Anderson for her breasts and Tina Turner for her legs – others are more famous for their back parts. Some of those who have got the most publicity because of their buttocks are Nicki Minaj , Tom Cruise and Beyoncé .

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To sit for too long does not only hurt the legs and back but also the buttock …
Being too long can result in you losing muscle mass in your buttock , which can eventually lead to back pain and difficulty walking down stairs .


08A big ass has proven to be positive in cognitive tests.
A 2008  study by the University of Pittsburgh and the University of California showed that women with larger backs performed better cognitive tests . This belief is due to the fact that women with larger backparts have more omega 3 vitamins in the body than those with a slightly smaller back part.


Rump fetishes are more common than one can think …
” Pygophilia ” is the correct term to be  sexually excited by seeing or touching a buttock.


010Jen Selter has the world’s most popular asshole.
With over 9,000,000 followers at Instagram,  Jen Selter is the one who undoubtedly has the most popular ass in social media.

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